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15 Things You Didn't Know About Las Vegas

15 Things You Didn’t Know About Las Vegas
Welcome to,
the place where future billionaires come to get inspired.
观众朋友们 大家好
Hello, dear Aluxers,
and welcome back to our channel.
We felt like gambling today,
就赌你看这个视频时 会为幸运 财富与奢侈生活所沉醉
and our money is on infusing you with an overdose of luck, money and bling-bling.
And so we thought it was high time to talk to you about the one and only Sin City—Las Vegas.
乍看之下 你或许不会想到 这座靠博彩 犯罪和娱乐业发展壮大的沙漠大都市
At first glance, you wouldn’t guess that this desert metropolis, built on gambling, vice and entertainment,
is only about 100 years old.
这座城市建于1905年 因为大批牧场工人和铁路工人
It was founded as a city in 1905 by ranchers and railroad workers,
on the 110 acres of land adjacent to the Union Pacific Railroad tracks
that were auctioned in what would become the downtown area.
It was incorporated as a city in 1911.
从上世纪40年代起 游客开始增多 来体验赌场乐趣
Beginning in the 1940s, visitors started tocome to partake in what the casinos offered.
Low-cost luxury and the thrill of fantasies fulfilled.
如今 内华达州的这座核心城市吸引着数百万游客的到来
Nowadays, this Nevada core attracts millions of visitors,
and trillions of dollars of wealth.
但对这座城市的了解越深入 它就显得越有趣
But the deeper it gets, the more interesting it becomes.
如果您是第一次看我们的视频 欢迎您来
If you’re new here, welcome.
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So let’s cut to the chase
and start talking about those 15 things you didn’t know about Las Vegas.
1 这座城市在上世纪40年代是犯罪集团的天堂
1. It was an organized crime paradise back in the ’40s.
As Nevada legalized casino gambling,
and reduced residency requirements for divorce to six weeks,
interest in developing Vegas increased immediately.
于是它无疑也吸引了许多犯罪人物 成为他们的投资目标
Thus it implicitly became an attractive target for investment for crime figures,
比如说 巴格西·西格尔
such as, for example, Bugsy Siegel,
谋杀有限公司创始人 该集团是当时最臭名昭著 最令人闻风丧胆的黑帮
the founder of Murder Inc. that was the most infamous and feared gangster of his day.
He handled and financed some of Vegas’s original casinos,
and was also the driving force behind the development of the Las Vegas Strip.
因此 拉斯维加斯的繁荣离不开毒品交易得来的财富
Therefore, Vegas blossomed with the help of money from drugs,
and racketeering helped to build casinos.
因此 这里的洗钱活动也就不足为奇了
And money laundering didn’t come as any surprise.
2 拉斯维加斯贝拉吉奥酒店举行过一些出色的艺术展览
2. The Las Vegas Bellagio Resort hosted some impressive art exhibitions.
众所周知 哪里有钱 哪里就有潜在买家
We all know that where there’s money, there’s potential buyers.
So what better place to exhibit your art if not there?
And it seems that the big players in the art world think the same way.
The Bellagio resort houses a special exhibition space,
许多大师 例如梵高 毕加索 波洛克
where masters such as Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock,
马蒂斯 甚至安迪·沃霍尔都在这里展示过自己的作品
Henri Matisse or even Andy Warhol presented their works of art.
有趣的是 贝拉吉奥美术馆最初放置的是史蒂芬·永利的个人收藏
Interestingly enough, the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art started out as a personal collection of Steve Wynn’s.
直到今天 该美术馆仍在展出来自世界各地的艺术作品
Up to this day, it showcases famous works of art from all around the world.
Don’t miss it when you get there.
3 拉斯维加斯提供不寻常的娱乐项目
3. Vegas offers some unusual types of leisure activities.
Did you know there is a heavy equipment playground in Vegas where you can drive bulldozers for fun?
是的 你没听错
Yeah, you heard that right.
这个公司名叫“Dig This Las Vegas”
The company’s name is Dig This Las Vegas,
and they invite you to create a memory that will last a lifetime,
因为在那里 你可以体验挖掘 推土 并放声大笑
as you get the chance to dig, push and roar with laughter.
So if you want to bring out the—oh, I don’t know—farmer in you,
that’s the way to do it.
对了 这里可是拉斯维加斯啊
Furthermore, it’s also Vegas,
花40美元 你就可以玩榴弹发射器了
so you can pay $40 and shoot a grenade launcher.
这个地方叫“Machine Guns Vegas”
The place is called Machine Guns Vegas,
and once again, it’s there to answer one’s freakiest desires.
4 拉斯维加斯是全世界最明亮的地方
4. Las Vegas is the brightest spot on earth.
According to NASA,
the Vegas Strip of casinos and hotels is reported to be the brightest spot on earth,
它之所以如此引人注目 既是因为灯光亮度高 也是因为灯光色彩斑斓
standing out in the center of this image due toboth its brightness and its diversity of light color.
作为一座沙漠城市 它似乎也必须靠耀眼的光芒来吸引游客了
It seems only fair for a desert city to bling-bling as much as possible in order to attract visitors.
但我们必须同意的是 这些光芒有一部分是来自赢钱者喜悦的心 对吧?
But let’s all agree that some of the light comes from the happy hearts of winning gamblers, right?
It seems that in comparison with the Vegas Strip,
the tarmac of the McCarran International Airport,
as well as the air strips of the Nellis Air Force Base are dark.
5 在拉斯维加斯的赢钱数额最高曾达4000万美元
5. The amounts of money won by gambling in Vegas go up to 40 million dollars.
我们都幻想过 如果中了彩票 我们会做什么
We all fantasize about what we would do if we ever won the lottery.
先来看几个具体数额 以激发我们的想象力
So let’s just hear some amounts and get our imagination flowing.
根据拉斯维加斯的记录 在这里最高的赢钱数额
What seems to be Vegas’ biggest documented gambling win
goes up to 40 million dollars,
and it was won in blackjack and baccarat by Kerry Packer,
an Australian billionaire.
据传 他付了门童100万小费
Rumor has it he tipped the doorman a cool million.
Another impressive win was the one of Johanna Heundl
74岁的她当时住在百利酒店 在去吃早餐的途中
—a 74-year-old who’s stopping on the way to her breakfast at Bally’s Las Vegas,
put about 170 dollars into a Megabucks slot machine.
It paid out $22.6 million.
Now that’s a good way to start your day!
6 你可以在这里看到全球热门景点的壮观模仿建筑
6. You can see spectacular imitations of worldwide hot spots.
Well, of course, you’ve seen at least once the picture of Las Vegas’ Eiffel Tower.
有趣的是 最初的计划是要按原尺寸搭建这座复制建筑
The interesting thing about the replica is it was originally intended to be built to full scale,
but had to be shrunk down due to the nearby airport.
So the Vegas Eiffel Tower is built to about a half scale.
Other imitations include the Egyptian Valley,
红磨坊 杜莎夫人蜡像馆等 甚至还有一座仿造的英国城堡
Moulin Rouge, a Madame Tussauds like museum or even a faux English castle.
可以说 拉斯维加斯是一座“装到成功”的城市
One might say that Vegas is the kind of city that faked it till it made it,
and it made it in style.
7 拉斯维加斯禁止非法嫖娼
7. In Las Vegas, illegal prostitution is prohibited.
We know that sounds unfamiliar,
and it seems to make no sense
considering it is Vegas we’re talking about.
So hold on until we finish our explanation.
Illegal prostitution is a misdemeanor in Las Vegas,
也就是说 只有符合法定条件的嫖娼
which means that prostitution is legal
only when practiced in the conditions imposed by the law.
Thus illegal prostitution is the kind
where practitioners engage in prostitution outside of licensed brothels
and they don’t pay a tax.
此外 在嫖娼不合法的国家打相关的广告也是违法的
Furthermore, advertising in countries where prostitution is illegal is an offense too in Las Vegas.
8 “欢迎来到神奇的拉斯维加斯”标志的设计师是贝蒂·威利斯
8. The “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign was designed by Betty Willis.
该标志是一个25英尺高的经典路标 由两根竖直杆子支起
The sign is a 25-foot tall classic roadside pole design mounted offset on two flat poles
which are joined by a cross piece at the top.
What Betty Willis intended to design was a sign that was unique in style and content.
She decided not to copyright it,
因为她认为 让它进入公有领域更有助于城市的发展
because she felt it would be much more useful to the city if it was in the public domain.
该标志被制成会发光的模型纪念品 销售所得都用于慈善活动
Souvenir replicas of the sign that light up have been sold for charity.
例如 在2007年 内华达癌症研究所就因此受益
For example, in 2007, the sales benefited the Nevada Cancer Institute.
9 在拉斯维加斯 你可以实现边逛街边喝酒的梦想
9. In Vegas, you can live your dream of wandering around with a drink in your hand.
你或许已经在所有关于拉斯维加斯的电影里见过这样的场景 却还是觉得难以置信
You’ve probably seen it in every movie featuring Las Vegas but could not believe your eyes.
According to local regulations,
within Vegas’ limits, you’re allowed to have an open container of alcoholic drink in public.
However, there are several conditions that need to be respected.
You can only carry around your drink as long as the establishment where you bought your drink
以及容器为非金属 非玻璃材料的情况下
allowed you to leave the premises with it,
and your beverage is not in a metal or glass container.
所以 如果你的梦想是在公共场合拿着一罐啤酒喝
So if your dream is having a beer from a can in public,
that won’t happen.
此外 你还得确保你没有在学校 礼拜场所或医院的
Furthermore, you have to make sure you’re not having your drink in public within 1,000 feet of a school,
place of worship or hospital.
否则 你很可能会被逮捕
Otherwise, you risk being arrested.
10 猫王曾在拉斯维加斯举行婚礼
10. The King himself got married in Vegas.
没错 就是那位独一无二的埃尔维斯·普利斯里
Yeah, we’re talking about the one and only Elvis Presley.
1967年5月1日 他和普莉西亚·安在弥尔顿·普莱尔的阿拉丁酒店举行婚礼
He married Priscilla Ann Beaulieu on May 1st 1967 at Milton Prell’s Aladdin Hotel.
The ceremony was a quiet one,
took place in the couple’s suite,
and was followed by an elaborate banquet that was held just below the hotel’s casino.
About 100 people attended the reception,
有亲朋好友 还有弥尔顿·普莱尔夫人
among which were relatives, close friends as well as Mrs. Milton Prell,
the former Las Vegas Sun publisher Hank Greenspun and his wife Barbara,
以及国家最高法院法官大卫·泽诺夫 他主持了这场持续8分钟的婚礼
as well as State Supreme Court Justice David Zenoff, who performed the 8-minute ceremony.
Speaking of Elvis Presley and his connection to Las Vegas,
if you want to know more about the King’s life,
go check out our “15 Things You Didn’t Know About Elvis Presley” video.
You won’t regret it.
11 联邦快递CEO在拉斯维加斯让公司起死回生
11. FedEx CEO saved the business in Vegas.
上世纪70年代 联邦快递一度由于飞涨的燃料价格
Back in the 70s, there was a time when FedEx was on the edge of bankruptcy
because of rapidly inflating fuel costs
that ended up drawing from the company’s account more than 1 million dollars monthly.
CEO Fred Smith reached a point where the company’s account had only $5,000,
and he couldn’t afford to refuel the planes that delivered FedEx shipments.
于是 他前往拉斯维加斯 赌掉了剩余的5000美元
Therefore, he went to Vegas and gambled his remaining $5,000
最后 他通过玩21点赢回了3万2千美元
which he managed to turn into $32,000 by playing blackjack.
This allowed FedEx to stay in business a few days longer,
而他也在这几天里融到了1100万美元 让公司能继续运营
at which point he was able to raise $11,000,000 to keep FedEx going.
12 迈克尔·杰克逊曾计划以自己为原型 为拉斯维加斯建一个50英尺高的机器人复制品
12. Michael Jackson planned to build a 50-foot robot replica of himself for Vegas.
2007年 迈克尔·杰克逊打算以自己为原型 建一个50英尺高的机器人复制品
Back in 2007, Michael Jackson was considering the construction of a 50-foot robot replica of himself.
The idea was for the colossal droid to promote the concerts Jackson might give in Las Vegas.
He and his team planned to place the robot in the desert sands.
The prototype was thought of as a robot with laser beams shooting out.
此外 迈克尔还想做出一个通过电子人和观众互动的巨型电子游戏
Furthermore, Michael also had in mind a giant audience interactive video game with human cyborgs
for use during his Vegas shows.
不幸的是 这些梦想从未得以实现
Unfortunately, those dreams never came to fruition.
13 美国最秘密的军事基地成员住在拉斯维加斯
13. Members of America’s most secretive military facility live in Vegas.
Located in Nevada, the classified facility is known as Area 51,
直到最近 政府才承认它真实存在
and the government refused to evenacknowledge its existence until recently.
据传 该基地有各种神奇的设施 从最高机密级的实验基地
The base has been rumored to house everything from a top-secret test site
to recovered alien spaceships
CIA还有一份机密报告 里面称
and the CIA to classify a report stating that
the base has previously been used for test prototypes for top-secret surveillance aircraft.
不管怎样 51区还有数百名文职人员
Anyway, Area 51 has hundreds of civilian employees,
most of which reside in Las Vegas.
他们每天乘飞机去上班 飞机由被民间称为“珍妮特航空公司”的机队提供
They are flown to work every day with a fleet that is unofficially known as Janet Airlines
operating from a special restricted access terminal at McCarran International Airport.
14 拉斯维加斯有黑名单
14. There’s a Vegas Black Book.
Since Vegas was an organized crime paradise in the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s,
federal pressure was put on local authorities
in order to diminish the influence of mobsters in Vegas casinos.
This is why the Nevada Gaming Control Board created a black leather bound book,
在上面写上臭名昭著 名声恶臭的人的名字
where the names of people with a notorious or unsavory reputation would be placed.
簿中的人不得拥有 不得经营 甚至不得进入内华达的赌场
People who made it into the book were prohibited from owning, managing or even entering a Nevada casino.
否则 将会受到最高1年的刑罚
If they did, the penalty would have been up to one year in jail.
15 拉斯维加斯人发明了原子弹主题旅游业
15. The people of Las Vegas invented atomic tourism.
About 100 kilometers north of Las Vegas is the Nevada Test Site,
where over 100 above-ground nuclear tests
were conducted between 1952 and 1962.
那时 拉斯维加斯的赌场并没有那么受欢迎不能吸引到世界各地的游客
Back then, Las Vegas’ casinos were not so popular as to draw tourists from all around the world.
于是 当地的企业家想到
Therefore, what local entrepreneurs thought about
was to attract visitors by promoting the intriguing idea of the first atomic tests.
从此 餐馆装潢从沙龙式转为原子弹主题
Thus, restaurants changed from Western saloon decors to atomic themes.
Showgirls began wearing their hair to resemble a mushroom cloud and so on.
但好景不长 因为当地变幻莫测的天气增加了核辐射的风险
This didn’t last long as unexpected local weather increased the risk of radiation,
and rumour has it that the radioactive fallout blown into central Nevada and Utah
caused approximately 11,000 cancer deaths.
观众朋友们 现在你们已经对拉斯维加斯有进一步的了解 我们想知道
Now that you’ve learned some more about Las Vegas, we’re curious to know, Aluxers,
如果你在拉斯维加斯赌博赢得了百万美元 你会做什么?
if you won a million dollars gambling in the city, what would you do?
Let us know in the comments.
Still here? Of course you are.
忠实粉丝都知道 我们还有一条没讲呢
As a true Aluxer, you know there’s one more for you.
16 拉斯维加斯有一座地下秘密城市
Here’s No. 16: there is a secret city under Las Vegas.
What lies beneath the exuberant city of excess and luxury
有纷繁复杂的建筑群 可以供人居住
are structures big and complex enough to accommodate people,
and they do.
More than 1,000 people occupy permanently
拉斯维加斯这些令人印象深刻的建筑中 它们具有基础设施性质
the infrastructural support of the impressive Vegas buildings,
建筑之间由大型隧道连接 这些隧道在赌场之下和周围纵横交错
those spaces being connected through a massive tunnel system that runs under and around the casinos.
部分建筑成了住房 有自来水 可在里面淋浴洗漱
some of these places have been turned into homes with running water for DIY showers and sinks,
还配有客厅 床以及床单被褥等
furnished living rooms and real beds with mattresses and blankets,
most likely leftovers from the hotels above.
观众朋友们 感谢你们和我们共度愉快的时光
Thank you for spending some time with us, Aluxers.
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