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15 Things You Didn't Know About Brazil

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今天我们带您探索富有异域风情 迷人的巴西
Today, we’re exploring the exotic and stunning country of Brazil.
巴西是南美洲最大的国家 以丰富的生态多样性
The largest South American country, Brazil is known for its incredible ecological variety,
beautiful beaches and even more beautiful women.
Brazil was famously colonized by Portugal in 1500,
making it the only South American country to not speak Spanish.
著名的亚马逊河在此流淌 四周还环绕着广阔的热带雨林
Home to the famous Amazon River and the huge tropical forest that surrounds it.
在这里也发现了许多药物 物种和自然现象
Many medicines, species and natural phenomena have been discovered here.
Because is dedicated to becoming the world’s best resource
介绍世界上最多元化 最迷人的国家
on the world’s most diverse and fascinating countries.
So here are 15 things you didn’t know about Brazil.
第一 巴西的Bala Do Sancho海滩是世界最好海滩
1. Brazil’s Bala Do Sancho is the best beach in the world.
根据Trip Advisor Reviews排名 Bala Do Sancho海滩是世界上最好的海滩
According to Trip Advisor Reviews, Bala Do Sancho is the best beach in the world,
thanks to its crystal-clear waters and incredible landscape,
particularly perfect for divers and snorkelers.
游客们可以和海龟一起游泳 还有小丑鱼 鹦嘴鱼 甚至礁鲨
Visitors will be able to swim alongside turtles, clownfish, parrotfish and even reef sharks.
作为本国岛屿的一部分 许多游客会花2-3天来充分体验
Part of its own network of islands, many visitors come for two or three days to fully take advantage of it.
第二 82%巴西人的祖先曾是奴隶
2. 82% of Brazilians can trace their ancestry back to slavery.
16世纪 葡萄牙人殖民统治时期
During the Portuguese occupation during the 1500s,
许多巴西人被奴役 从事农业和矿业工作
many Brazilians were enslaved for agricultural work and mining.
Slaves of African origin began to arrive in the 16th century,
which contributed to Brazil becoming a leading sugar exporter.
即使奴隶制废除 仍有奴隶不断被运到巴西或从巴西运走
And even after abolitionism, slaves were continuously shipped to and from Brazil.
Historically, Brazilian slaves had more of a chance of achieving upward mobility,
因为他们的肤色比非洲奴隶要浅 但这两个群体依然混居着
because their skin tone was usually lighter than African slaves, but the communities still mixed.
创造了一代又一代人 他们的祖先可以追溯到奴隶贸易时期
Creating generations of people who could trace their ancestry back to the slave trade.
第三 巴西有两家奥萨玛·本·拉登主题酒吧
3. There are two Osama Bin-Laden themed bars in Brazil.
这位前恐怖分子和基地组织领导人就像个怪人 竟然开了家主题酒吧
The former terrorist and al-qaeda leader seems like a strange person to create a themed bar around.
但巴西人接受了这一观念 并运营着酒吧
But the Brazilians have taken the concept and run with it.
Bardo Bin Laden in Sao Paulo and Cavern Ad Bin Laden near Rio are run by look-alikes.
这家圣保罗酒吧后来重新命名 因为有位顾客报警
Sao Paulo bar was renamed because the police were called by a concerned patron,
who thought Bin Laden was lying low behind the bar.
These are the most famous,
but there are apparently over 10 Brazilian bars and restaurants named after the terrorist leader.
第四 巴西有4000个机场 仅次于美国
4. Brazil has 4,000 airports, beaten only in number by the USA.
巴西最繁忙的机场是圣保罗的Guar Uno国际机场
The busiest airport in Brazil is Guar Uno’s International Airport in Sao Paulo,
which serves nearly 40 million passengers a year.
遗憾的是 它最近在CNN读者投票中被评为十大最差机场
Unfortunately, it was recently voted the tenth worst Airport in the world by CNN readers,
because less than half of their flights leave on time
and only 59 percent of flights arrive on schedule.
Interested in getting around in a different way,
watch our video about 10 stylish votes for the modern single man.
第五 巴西原住民既没有留下文字记录也没有建造纪念碑
5. Brazil’s indigenous people didn’t keep written records or build monuments.
人们对巴西原住民知之甚少 因为他们没有建造纪念碑
Very little is known about Brazil’s native people because they didn’t build monuments
or erect any kind of stone structures.
Adding to this is the fact that the soil is acidic and the climate is humid,
so many wooden materials and bone remains have been destroyed by the natural surroundings.
唯一能确定的是 河流是古代的垃圾填埋场
The only real indication, our water believed to be ancient landfill sites,
一些房屋的残骸 甚至被丢弃的贝类都在河流中发现
where the remains of some of the homes and even discarded shellfish have been found.
第六 亚马逊地区大约有100个部落
6. There are approximately 100 communities in the Amazon
that have never had contacted with the rest of the world.
The Amazon rainforest covers a colossal 2.5 million square,
which is why much of it remains unexplored.
Within the forests are estimated to be 100 communities of people who are undiscovered
and remain entirely separate from the rest of Brazil’s population.
通过航拍人们发现了许多部落 包括alwah部落
Various communities have been found in using aerial photography, including the alwah
他们过着游牧式的生活 每隔几天就迁一次营地
who live a nomadic life that involves constantly moving their camp every few days.
这可能是想告诉我们 他们不想被打扰
This is probably a good education that they don’t want to be disturbed.
第七 二战后 一些纳粹战犯逃到了巴西
7. Some Nazi War criminals fled to Brazil after WWⅡ.
After their defeat in Germany and the liberation of their concentration camps.
Various Nazis escaped to Brazil and went into hiding.
The most infamous was the notorious Dr. Josef Mengele
who was the SS garrison physician at Auschwitz.
An Argentine historian actually claimed that Mengele was responsible for the sudden surge
他还在巴西乡村建造了新家 但后来被反驳了
in twin births and his new Brazilian village home but this was later disproved.
Mengele died of a stroke while swimming, drowning in the sea.
以Wolfgang guard这个假名字下葬
He was buried under his false name, Wolfgang guard
and never faced capture or the consequences of his war crimes.
第八 巴西最贵的房子是一套位于圣保罗价值2800万美元的顶层公寓
8. The most expensive home in Brazil is a 28 million-dollar Sao Paulo Penthouse.
由Itamar Burrows设计 LaSalle Jardin是巴西最高的公寓楼之一
Designed by Itamar Burrows, LaSalle Jardin is one of the tallest apartment blocks in Brazil
and also the most expensive to live in.
这套顶层公寓就像皇冠上的宝石 面积为1400平方米
The penthouse is obviously the jewel of the crown, measuring 1,400 square meters,
有地暖设施 以及一个通过臭氧除菌的游泳池
underfloor heating and an ozone treated swimming pool.
其中最著名的一位住户是Val Macury
One of the building’s most famous residents is Val Macury,
a former supermodel and socialite who’s worth 60 million dollars.
第九 许多世界名人参观过巴西的贫民窟
9. Some of the world’s biggest celebrities have toured Brazil’s various shanty towns.
对于世界上最贫困的人来说 有什么能比得上见到最富有的人?
What could be better for some of the poorest people in the world than meeting some of the riches?
2009年 麦当娜来到了巴西的贫民窟
Brazil’s favelas have been visited by Madonna in 2009,
周围都是保镖 据说还穿着防弹衣
surrounded by bodyguards and reportedly wearing a bulletproof vest.
1996年 迈克尔·杰克逊在里约拍摄MV时来到了贫民窟
Michael Jackson took a trip when he visited Rio to film a music video in 1996.
The favelas are home to 1.4 million people in Rio,
which is 22% of the city’s entire population.
One of the favelas to be cleaned up
是圣玛尔塔 在2008年抓获了这里的贩毒团伙
and emptied of its drug-dealing gangs was Santa Marta in 2008
and has consequently become a celebrity favorite.
第十 有一半的巴西游客会游览里约
10. Half of Brazil’s tourists will visit Rio.
The majority of tourists to Brazil come from Argentina
approximately 1.7 million people in 2014.
The majority will go to arguably Brazil’s most famous city, Rio de Janeiro, mainly for
its world-famous carnival and sunny beaches.
The most popular destination for businesspeople is the country’s financial center Sao Paulo.
Salvador is the capital of afro-brazilian culture
游客们也纷纷涌向世界上最大的瀑布 伊瓜苏瀑布
and tourists also flock to the largest waterfall system in the world, Iguazú Falls.
第十一 巴西最有名的足球运动员是贝利
11. Brazil’s most famous footballer is Pelé,
considered the greatest in the world by Maradona Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.
Growing up in poverty,
但他成为了世界上最伟大的足球运动员 留下不同于其他运动员的遗产
Pele became the world’s greatest footballer and has a legacy like no other footballer.
He was a part of the World Cup winning team in 1958 and 1962
and is still a Brazilian legend.
因为贝利 安迪·沃霍尔修改了他著名的15分钟成名定律
Andy Warhol modified his classic 15 minutes of fame quote for Pele,
claiming he would have 15 centuries of fame.
His contemporaries have been just as complimentary.
England’s captain, in 1966, Bobby Moore claimed he was like magic in the air.
第十二 直到20世纪50年代才发现巴西最高的山脉
12. Brazil’s highest mountain wasn’t discovered until the 1950s.
Because it’s almost permanently covered in cloud.
恰如其名 Pico De Neve Lina被称为雾峰
Pico De Neve Lina is appropriately named mist peak
and stands at 9823 feet above sea level.
最初发现它的是巴西士兵 第一次登顶发生于1965年
The first people to find it were Brazilian soldiers and the first ascent took place in 1965.
The story of its discovery varies
but the most popular is that pilots flew over it during a rare clear day.
要进入山脉也很困难 因为它位于亚马逊无人区
The mountain is also very difficult to access in a largely uninhabited region of the Amazon,
which also explains why something as big as this went undiscovered for so long.
第十三 巴西拥有世界上最多的天主教徒
13. Brazil is home to the largest population of Catholics in the world.
73.6 percent of Brazilians are Catholic
and one of the country’s most famous monuments is Christ, the Redeemer,
one of the new seven wonders of the world.
Catholicism was introduced to Brazil during the colonial era,
with spreading Christianity becoming one of the Portuguese’s main missions.
近年来 教会一直试图反对政府的各项改革
In recent years, the church has tried to oppose various governmental changes,
包括堕胎 同性婚姻 同性收养合法化的提议
including the proposal to legislate abortion, same-sex marriage and same-sex adoption.
第十四 亚马逊雨林制造了地球三分之一的氧气
14. The Amazon rainforest produces one third of Terra’s oxygen.
Not only is the Amazon one of the bio-diverse regions on the planet.
It’s pretty essential for our continued survival.
雨林占地10亿英亩 也被称为“地球之肺”
Covering 1 billion acres, the rainforest is often nicknamed the lungs of our planet.
也是1000万种植物 昆虫和动物的家园
As well as the home of 10 million species of plants, insects and animals,
没有它 我们也不会有鳄梨 黑胡椒 土豆 菠萝 咖啡 蔗糖
we also wouldn’t have avocados, black pepper, potatoes, pineapples, coffee, sugar,
甚至西红柿 如果没有亚马逊森林 你的冰箱看起来会大不一样
or tomatoes. Without it, so your refrigerator would look wildly different, if it wasn’t for the Amazon.
第十五 巴西享誉世界的名人之一 卡门·米兰达遭到巴西人的批评
15. One of Brazil’s most famous exports, Carmen Miranda, was criticised by Brazilians.
Carmen Miranda was a Portuguese Brazilian singer and performer,
1940年在美国出道 之后成为巴西最受欢迎的歌手
who made her American debut in 1940 after becoming Brazil’s most popular singer.
The Brazilian bombshell returned to her home country after making it big in America.
但她的巴西同胞不为所动 媒体认为她太美国化了
Her fellow Brazilians remained unimpressed, the press considered her too Americanized.
And the upper classes thought she was too black and in poor taste.
她并没有得到巴西人真正的喜爱 但不论如何 她去世时 仍是好莱坞星光大道的明星
She couldn’t really win but she died with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame regardless.
不论你是热心的生物学家还是派对爱好者 巴西都有每个人适合的东西
Brazil has something for everyone, whether you’re a keen biologist, or a party animal.
There’s plenty to enjoy and experiment with.
The country stereotypes only scratch the surface of its diverse culture.
And after hosting the Olympic Games,
it’s undoubtedly going to see even more tourists fly into its 4,000 airports.
如果可以去这个神奇的国度旅行 你的第一站会是哪里?
If you could take a trip to this amazing country what would be your first stop?
Would you be the first to join in with the famous carnival?
Or are you more interested in traversing the famous Amazon basin
and discovering those remote communities of hunter gatherers?
噢 你还在 这里还有一则关于美丽巴西的惊奇事情
Oh you’re still here, well, here’s another amazing fact about beautiful Brazil.
据报道 巴西东南部的渔民曾利用海豚帮助他们捕鱼
There are fishermen in the southeast of Brazil who reportedly used dolphins to help them catch fish.
The Dolphins heard the fish into nets and have learned to indicate where there are more fish.
这不是一个新方法 在拉古纳已经流传了几个世纪
This isn’t a new practice, going on for centuries in Laguna
but it’s the first time the rest of the world has heard about it.
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