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12 Ways to Improve English Listening Skills & Understand Native Speakers

大家好 欢迎回到“跟露西学英语”
Hello everyone and welcome back to English with Lucy!
Today I want to talk to you about: How you can improve your English listening skills ?
So, I’ve got some tips that I’m going to give you.
If you do follow all of my English listening tips,
也许你就能开始更容易 更有效的理解
then you should be able to start to understand native speakers
more easily and more effectively.
We’ve got a lot to cover in the lesson.
So, let’s get started !
这节课 有一个词我可能会反复强调 那就是 variety(多样性)
There’s a word that I’m going to be using a lot in this lesson and it is ”variety”.
我想让你使用广泛的资源 同时也要听带各种各样口音的英语
I want you to use a wide range of resources and listen to a wide range of accents as well.
呃 好多人都跑过来问我说:
Well, I know a lot of you come to me and say:
“露西 我想学英式英语 意思是不是我只要听英国人讲英语啊?”
‘Lucy, I want to learn British English and to do that I’m only going to listen to British speakers’
But in my opinion: that’s not the right thing to do !
你是要和世界各地有着不同口音的人交流的 你还得理解他们
You are going to meet people from all over the world with all different accents and you’re going to need to understand them.
You don’t want to just be able to understand British people!
所以 如果你还没这么做的话
So if you’re not doing it already
I want you to listen to as many accents as possible.
and when you’re doing that
I want you to think about the different sounds that each accent makes.
我和《English like a native》里超级可爱的安娜拍了一个视频
I made a video with the lovely Anna from English like a native
about the differences between our accents
and lots of students found that really really helpful
because there’s not one definitive way of speaking English.
它有很多变化:地区变化 国家变化等
There are lots of variations: regional variations, variations by country.
我的意思是 就像新西兰英语和美式英语有很大的不同
I mean English spoken in New Zealand is very different to English spoken in America for example.
所以你得或多或少的识别出这些东西 让你的英语多样化
So you need to be able to recognize more or less everything and diversify your English.
Focusing on that word ‘variety’ again
I want to talk to you about resources.
对于我的下一点建议 我想让你们先问自己一个问题
For my next point, I want you to ask yourself a question
I want you to answer it yourself honestly
How much time do you actually dedicate to practicing and improving your listening skills?
Answer honestly !
Most of the students that I asked say around 1 to 2 hours
and even then they might be exaggerating a little bit
现在 你必须意识到这点:可能你练习的还不够多
Now you’ve recognized that: You’re probably not practicing enough.
I want you to start practicing
因为 熟能生巧嘛!
Honestly, practice makes perfect !
You’re not going to suddenly wake up and be perfect at listening.
这种事情需要时间 需要精力
It takes time, it takes dedication
把这些叫做技巧 正是因为
and it’s called a skill for a reason
这主要由你自己开发 当然也需要他人的帮助
is something that you have to develop principally on your own and also with help from others
但你可能会问我 听力练习到底是什么?
but what is listening practice you might be asking me.
别急 我有很多建议给你们
Well, I’ve got lots of recommendations for you
which brings me to my next point: “Resources and more importantly variety of resources”
现在 众所周知 看英语电视节目或电影
Now the most obvious one is watching TV programs or movies in English.
这方法很好 但我认为你完全可以再深入一点
This is great, but I think you can take it a step further.
Maybe you’re watching programs with English subtitles.
这不错 但你不能纯粹依靠这些字幕
That’s good, but you don’t want to rely on the subtitles.
我想让你带着耳朵去学习 而不是眼睛
I want you to learn with your ears and not with your eyes.
所以 想把听力提升到更高水平的话 我的建议是:“每个节目或电影看两遍”
So what I recommend you do to take your listening to the next level is “Watch each program or movie TWICE!”
也许 这在短节目中更容易实现
Probably, more achievable with programs short ones.
I recommend that you aim for something that’s less than 30 minutes.
你可以尝试一些喜剧:像《老友记》这样的美式英语 或者BBC新闻
So you could try a comedy like: Friends which is American English or maybe BBC news
你可以只看标题 这个是英式英语的发音
and you can just watch the headlines which would be British English pronunciation.
看第一遍最好是不带字幕 看看自己能理解多少
So, I want you to watch it first with no subtitles, see how much you can understand.
然后带着字幕再看一遍 看看哪些你听懂了 哪些没懂 并记好笔记
and then I want you to watch it again with subtitles, and see what you did pick up and what you didn’t pick up and then note it for next time.
Don’t be afraid to replay things again and again and again !
Learn the patterns of voice that we use.
如果你曾参加过听力考试 或者将通过电话进行交谈或某种形式的面试的话
If you’ve got a listening exam or you’re going to have a telephone conversation or some sort of interview over the phone,
you’re not going to be able to read the person’s lips which can be really useful.
所以 你该练习怎么“无视化听力”
So, you really ought to practice listening blindly !
So, one really really good tip that often gets overlooked is use audio books.
阅读是建立词汇量的好方法 但它对你的听力没有多大作用
Reading is great for building your vocabulary but it doesn’t do much for your listening skills,
because what a book does not offer you is a pronunciation guide normally.
I’m sure some exist that do.
所以 我推荐你开始听有声读物
So, I would like you to start listening to audiobooks.
Pick a book that is interesting and relevant to you.
Judge it by your level !
如果你还处于低水平 就选一本儿童读物
If you’re quite a low-level, choose a children’s book.
对于更多的人来说 可能是选一些青少年读物
For more intermediate maybe go something for teenagers.
如果你水平比较高 显然应该找些针对成年人水平的东西 可能有很多是专业术语
and if you’re advanced obviously go for something that’s aimed at adults or maybe has a lot of technical language.
记住:如果你想检查自己弄懂了多少 你可以买本书 听一段 然后读一读 听另一段 再读读
Remember that: If you want to check your understanding you can always buy the book as well listen to a section and then read it, listen to another and then read it.
这是个非常好的 能提高你听力理解能力的方法
This is a wonderful way of improving your listening comprehension.
一个很好的有声读物网站 推荐给你 audible
The best website for audiobooks is audible
点击简介里的链接 你就能免费试用一本有声书达30天
and if you click in the link in the description box you can get a free audiobook and a 30-day trial.
完全没有问题 所以试试看它是否对你有效
There’s absolutely no catch, so try it out and see if it works for you.
One resource that often gets overlooked is youtubers.
I’m not talking about us – lovely bunch of online English teachers.
That are all over YouTube at the moment.
Although I think we could help you a little bit with your listening.
你有很棒的资源 它充满了免费的视频和听力工具
You have an amazing resource full of free videos and listening tools.
Find something that you’re interested in.
也许你对八卦 名人 科学 实事感兴趣
Maybe you’re interested in Gossip, celebrities, science, current affairs.
用英语搜一搜 然后开始学习吧
Search for it in English and start listening to it.
我的下一个建议是 多项任务
My next point is multi task.
与阅读或看电视不同 听力是你做其他事情时也可以做的事
Unlike reading or watching TV, listening is something that you can do whilst you do something else.
所以当你找到了理想的资源 就开始建立资源包 把它们存在你的手机或者电脑上 这样你就可以随身携带了
So once you’ve found your ideal resource, start to build a sort of pack of resources on your smart phone or your computer that you can take with you.
所以 如果你有一段漫长的车程 上班路上或在公交上 或者当你在做其他事的时候 比如做饭 不用集中精力
So, if you have a long car journey, on the way to work, on public transport, whilst you’re doing something else like cooking, something you don’t have to concentrate on.
Listen to something in English !
and that links back to my question: “How much time do you actually dedicate practicing your English?”
就让我们假设你每天花半个小时去上班 半个小时回家 如果这期间你都听些英语的话
So, say you spend half an hour traveling to work each day and half an hour traveling back home each day and you listen to something in English for the entirety of those journeys
一周下来 你就做了五小时的听力练习
Each week, you will be doing five hours of listening practice.
That’s amazing !
如果能这么做的话 毫无疑问 你的水平会讯速提高
If you do that, you will definitely improve in no time.
真正重要的是 你在做一些富有成效的事情 而且还能通过英语学到其他知识
The really great thing is that you’re doing something productive and maybe learning about another topic through English.
That you would normally do.
So, it’s really a win-win situation.
My next tip is do not translate, do not translate.
当你和别人对话时 我希望你能多听听语境
When you’re speaking to someone in person, I want you to listen for context.
我经常对我的学生说 流利比准确更重要!
Something I always say to my students is “Fluency over accuracy !”
就像我能流利地说西班牙语 但我不能保证百分百准确
Now I speak Spanish fluently, but I do not speak it a hundred percent accurately.
我的听力没问题 理解也没问题 更不会有交流障碍
I have no problems with listening, I have no problems with understanding, and I have no problems with communicating.
但如果你录下我讲西班牙语的视频 并分析我犯的错误 你就会发现有很多
But if you were to film me speaking Spanish and analyze all of the errors that I make, you find quite a few.
你不需要苛求完美 没必要听懂每个单词 理解这一点很重要
It’s really important to understand that you don’t need it to be perfect, you don’t need to understand every single word
You need to understand context and general meaning.
If you spend too much time analyzing each word,
对话或独白又还在继续 等你真正理解你关注的那个单词时
the conversation or monologue will have moved on, by the time you finally understood the word that you are focusing on,
你又得追上对话 这时 有一些你就听不懂了
so you actually then have to catch up and you lose understanding.
所以 不要一个词一个词地听
So, instead of listening word-by-word
listen to phrases as a whole.
My next tip is learn speech patterns.
Okay, I want you to research into how natives speak.
The way in which we write something is certainly not the way in which we say it.
英语不是一种音形一致的语言 我们并非总是遵守它的发音规则
English is not a phonetic language and we don’t always follow our own pronunciation rules.
So, what research can you do?
Well, you can look at homophones.
比如:有些单词我们发音相同 但拼写和意思不同
For example: These are words which have the exact same pronunciation but different spellings and different meanings.
我有一个关于同音异形异义词的视频 我会尽快上传 然后把链接放在简介里
I’ve actually got a video coming out on homophones very soon which i will put in the description box.
An example of a homeophone would be “bear” and “bare”
发音相同 但拼写和意思都不同
the same, but different spelling and meaning.
You can also look at minimal pairs.
最小独立对是具有完全相同发音的两个单词 它是单元音的一部分
Minimal pairs are words that have the exact same pronunciation a part from a single vowel sound.
举个例子 “ship”和“sheep”
An example of a minimal pair would be “ship” and “sheep”.
前后辅音相同 但元音不一样
So that… and… of the same but the vowel sound is different.
It’s also important that you understand weak forms.
有重读 所以就也有弱读
So we have strong forms of words and we also have weak forms.
例如at这个词 我单独读是’at
For example: The word “at”, on its own I say ‘at
但有时候我把它用在句子或对话里 就会读得很快 我就会读作“et” 非重读音节元音
But sometimes if I’m using it in a sentence or in conversation and I’m speaking very quickly I will say at with the schwa sound.
I won’t say ‘at three o’clock.
I will say at three o’clock.
能识别出中元音很重要 它能代替很多元音
It’s important that you recognize that the schwa sound can represent many vowels.
You also need to look at reductions
我拍了一个“wanna” “gonna”缩写的视频 链接放在简介里了
I’ve got a video all about the reductions “wanna” and “gonna” which is also in the description box,
这对你们非常有用 特别是当你们想用的时候
that will really help you out especially if you want to use those
I know a lot of you do
It’s a really quick way of making yourself sound more native.
还有一些缩略形式:I am是I’m I will是I’llshe would是she’d(小姐姐手势好可爱(*’ε`*))
and also contractions: I am => I’m; I will => I’ll; she would => she’d.
Important that you learn those.
I’m also making a video on contractions.
上传以后 我也会把链接放在简介里
So when that’s uploaded I will also put that in the description box.
以上 就是我关于怎么提高听力能力的技巧了
So that’s it for my lesson on: How to improve your listening skills?
你们的作业:在评论区告诉我和大家 你是怎么提高你的听力技巧的
Your homework is to comment below and tell me and everyone else: How you are going to improve your listening skills?
看了这个视频 我希望你们有受到鼓舞 也希望看到你们的改变
Now you’ve watched this video. I want to see you be motivated and I want to see you make a change,
我相信你能做到 你也得相信自己
I believe in you and you need to believe in yourselves too.
别忘了:我现在是周一 周三 周五 更新视频
Don’t forget that: I now upload on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.
最后 我有一个免费的在线发音和词汇课程在每周日的四点半 注意是伦敦时间哦
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On my -English with Lucy- Facebook page.
Don’t forget to connect with me on all of my social media.
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好了 下次课程再见!
Alright then, I’ll see you soon for another lesson !
mooah :* <3