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12 Habits of Millionaires - Money Making Habits and Mindset of the Wealthy

嗨大家好 这里是《实用心理学》 在这则视频中
Hey guys it’s practical psychology and in this video
we’re going to be going over 12 habits that millionaires have,
and hopefully you can start implementing them in your life
to increase your chances of success.
习惯一: 他们会做预算
Tip number one is that they have a budget.
Now this could be a monthly budget or a weekly budget,
but they track their net worth through their income and expenses,
and this is something that you’re just gonna have to turn into a habit
if you’re trying to implement it in your life.
I have started it I started it probably two years ago
我明显地发现 你开始了解钱都用在了什么地方
and I’ve definitely noticed you start understanding where your money is going
and you become more conscious about that,
and it’s really fun to see your net worth grow.
Habit No. 2 is that they are proactive.
如果你不知道积极主动的意思 我强烈建议你去看
Now if you don’t know what proactive means I highly suggest you go and watching
my seven Habits of Highly Effective People video,
因为这是第一步 意思就是说
because that’s the first step and basically it means
当你遇到了一些坏事 不要立刻反应(出情绪)
when something bad happens to you don’t be reactive,
你还有机会采取行动 改变局面
you have the opportunity to go out and change it.
You have the opportunity to change the world.
看看我 我开始做《实用心理学》频道时 只是在写书评
Look at me, I started practical psychology as book reviews,
而现在 我将近有了一百万订阅者
and I’m almost at a million subscribers now.
Thank you so much guys.
总而言之 我想要改变世界 我想要提升自己的价值
Anyways, I wanted to change the world I wanted to add more value
and that’s what I did.
习惯三: 他们大量阅读
Tip No. 3 is that they read a lot.
对于这一点 我再强调也不为过 我阅读了大量的成功心理学 商业
I cannot overstress this. I’ve read tons of books on success psychology business
and self-development,
and one common theme that I’ve seen among all of these
这个共同点就是变化 与书有关 这有点奇怪
which is weird because it’s meta because it’s also in books
is that they read a ton of books.
Millionaires love to fill their heads with ideas,
because ideas are seeds for businesses,
and businesses generate profit.
If you want to increase your chance to becoming a millionaire,
我首先建议你去做的事 就是去读更多的书
the number one thing I can suggest is to read more.
读更多的非小说著作 读更多能提升你自己的书
Read more nonfiction. Read more stuff that will help you become a better person.
不管是社交技巧 商业发展 还是个人成长书籍 只要你能够获得
Social skills, business development, personal growth——almost anything that you can get your hands on.
Just start reading.
你甚至可以读报纸 我也见过很多人读报纸 商业报告
Even newspapers. I’ve seen people read newspapers, business reports
和各种各样资料的人 读读读
——all kinds of stuff. Read, read,read.
让想法充实你的头脑 然后这些想法将会产生新的想法
Fill your head with all kinds of ideas, and these ideas will start to compound.
习惯四: 保持强烈的好奇心
Tip No. 4 is to be super curious.
这一点和阅读紧紧相连 因为如果你读一些
Now this ties in with reading, because if you’re reading something
你不感兴趣的东西 那将很没意思
that you’re not curious about, it’s not gonna be fun.
I mean I’ve read books in high school.
有小说 有故事 但是我并不……
They were fiction, they were stories, and I was like I’m not even…
一点趣味都没有 我不想学这些
This is not interesting, I don’t want to learn about this.
And the curiosity part of it…
A ton of millionaires are curious.
If you find a millionaire that isn’t curious,
请发邮件给我 地址是practicalpsychologytips@gmail.com
I want you to email it to me at practicalpsychologytips@gmail.com.
Because I don’t think I’ve ever met an entrepreneur or a millionaire,
甚至是亿万富翁 我打赌大部分的亿万富翁都有一颗强烈的好奇心
even a billionaire. I bet most billionaires are super curious.
They never stop learning.
Tip No. 5 ties in to tip No. 4, which is
那就是追寻你的好奇心 这样你就可以又保持好奇心
to pursue your curiosity so you can have curiosity you can be curious about something
因为我曾经见过这样的事 我的妹妹问过我一个问题
I mean I’ve actually seen this before: my sister asked me a question,
我当时就说: 你的口袋里有什么?有手机吧
and I was like: what are you have in your pocket right now? It’s a smart phone,
why don’t you look it up?
I mean you can be curious about something,
but pursuing that curiosity and taking action against it
is something that millionaires do.
习惯六: 他们会找导师
Tip No. 6 is they find a mentor.
Now if you’ve ever seen any of the Thai Lopez advertisements,
you’ll know something that he’s very big about is finding a mentor.
他之所以如此热衷 是因为他希望成为你的导师
And the reason he is is because he wants to be a mentor for you.
He wants you to pay money for you to be his mentor,
那只是他商业策略的一部分 但在现实中
and that’s just part of his business strategy. But in reality,
a mentor can skip you across all kinds of failures that you would have yourself
if you just listen to the mentor.
I mean there’s tons of people who learn mistakes by themselves,
但如果你能够跳过这个过程 直接从别人的错误中吸取经验
but if you can skip that process, and you can learn from someone else’s mistakes,
因为他们是你的导师 这将为你在成为百万富翁的道路上提供巨大的助力
because they’re a mentor to you, it’s gonna give you a jumpstart on being a millionaire.
Tip No. 7 is goals.
在生活的方方面面 设立目标都尤其重要
And goals are really important in any aspect of life,
因为它们能为你提供动力 帮助你自律
simply because they will help you with motivation, and they will help you with discipline.
拥有目标 设定目标 然后实现目标
Having goals, setting goals and then achieving those goals
is something that works.
你必须要有自我意识 因为对我来说 我很喜欢竞争
You have to be self-aware because for me, I love to be competitive,
I love to have more subscribers than someone else.
我很喜欢比别人制作更多的视频 我很喜欢……
I love to make more videos than someone else. I love… it’s just…
它能让我产生动力 因此你必须要有目标 与你的动机一致的目标
It’s motivating me. So you have to have goals that are congruent to what motivates you.
目标不能太过于好高骛远 同时也不能太目光短浅
it can’t be way out there, but they also can’t be short-sighted.
我的建议是 设置“聪明”的目标
My best tip is to come up with goals that are smart,
这里的“聪明”指的是SMART 也就是具体的 可测量的 可实现的
and that’s an acronym that stands for specific measurable
achievable relevant and time-bound,
如果你把它们都应用起来 并且围绕它们设立目标
and if you use all these things, and create a goal around them,
it should motivate you.
习惯八: 制作每日清单
Tip No. 8 is to do daily lists.
每天早上我起床时 我都会写下三件
So every morning when I wake up, what I do is I write down three things
我当天想做的事情 这点非常重要
that I want to get done that day, and it’s super important,
因为每次我完成其中一项时 我就会把它划掉
because every time I do one of those things, I get across it off,
and it motivates me to do the next one.
有时候晚上我躺在床上 有一件事情没有完成
And if I am laying in bed at night, and one of those things isn’t crossed off,
我就会在晚上11点半起床 然后对自己说:
sometimes I will literally get up out of bed at 11:30 at night and go:
“嘿 我需要把这件事做了 不做完我会抓狂 无法睡觉 我要把它完成”
“Hey, I need to get this done. It’s making me mad. I can’t go to sleep, and I’ll do it.”
对我来说它能使我产生动力 我认为我也相信它也能使你产生动力
And for some reason that motivates me, and I think, and I believe it will motivate you as well.
It’s something that I’ve realized a lot in studying a ton of millionaires.
他们喜欢制作清单 安排好这些清单 用这些清单来
They like to do lists and organize those lists, and they use those lists
完成我在前一步中提到的 即目标
to complete what I mentioned in the previous step which was goals.
习惯九: 拥有不同渠道的收入
Tip No. 9 is to have multiple streams of income.
这一点很有技术含量 如果你从来都没有过多渠道收入
now this is really technical, and if you’ve never had multiple streams of income,
I highly suggest you watching some of my videos on income development or passive income.
Well it’s like raining money.
当你拥有不同渠道的收入时 感觉会非常棒
When you get different sources of income it just feels amazing.
想象一下 左边投来一美元
Can you just imagine having $1 thrown at you on the left side,
右边投来一美元 天上又掉下来了一美元
one dollar on the right side, a dollar falling down from the sky,
然后低下头 发现一张五美元钞票
looking down and seeing a five dollar bill?
That’s what it is to have multiple sources of income.
——Money coming at you at all different angles,
这就像……如果一个渠道没了 比如我被炒鱿鱼了
and it’s just…If one breaks down, if I get fired at my job,
嘭 我还有其他来源可以依靠
boom I got other places to rely on.
And that’s something that millionaires do is they have multiple streams of income.
It’s important not to confuse this with the next tip,
which is to not diversify.
或许你听过这样的话: “将你的投资多样化 那么你就会富有”
Now you’ve probably heard the term: “Diversify your portfolio and you’ll get rich”.
然而事实是很多人 很多百万富翁
Well the thing is a lot of people, a lot of millionaires in fact,
如果你研究他们 你会发现在他们成为百万富翁前
if you study them, what they do is they don’t diversify their portfolio,
until after they’re a millionaire.
为了成为百万富翁 他们将所有的鸡蛋都放在一个篮筐里
To become a millionaire, they put all their eggs in one basket,
他们会看紧篮筐 确保所有鸡蛋完好无损
and they look at that basket, and they watch it and they make sure none of the eggs break.
因此不要去多样化 你需要专注于某件事
So don’t diversify you need to focus on something.
将你所有精力和注意力都放在那一件事情上 不要将它们多样化
Put all of your energy and focus on ONE othing. Don’t diversify it.
你看马克·古巴 他创立了一个公司
If you look like Mark Cuban, he started one company.
Boom, made a whole bunch of money.
然后创了另一个公司 他又专注于第二个公司
Started another company, he focused only on that second company.
又赚了很多钱 以此反复
Boom, made a whole bunch of money. And it continues.
现在他进行了多样化 因为慢慢地他有了多个公司
Now he diversifies, because over time he had multiple companies.
但在那个时候 他只专注于一个公司
But at the time, he only had one focus,
and that’s one thing I think that millionaire habits can do
可以应用到生活中的一个习惯 那就是专注于一件事
that you can implement in your life, too is to have one focus.
习惯十一: 避免浪费时间
Tip No. 11 is to avoid time wasters.
Now there are tons of things in this world and time that you can do
that will literally just waste your time.
但对百万富翁来说 他们的一个习惯就是他们明白
But millionaires, one of their habits is that they understand
the importance and value of their time.
时间一去不复返 对这一点你也必须明白
They will never get time back and you need to understand that too.
明白这一点后 你就会开始更加珍视你的时间
And once you understand that you will start valuing your time more.
一旦你开始更加珍视你的时间 你就会发现
Once you start valuing your time more you’ll understand
really easy to avoid a lot of time wasters.
You know checking your Facebook for 30 minutes a day,
you know how much more productive you could be if you turn that into business development,
或者写本书上面 会变得多么高效
or writing a book.
如果你每天花30分钟写书 持续一年
If you spent 30 minutes writing a book for a year,
我几乎可以保证 你可以写出2到3本书
you could have like two or three books written, I can almost guarantee it.
Just understand the value of time,
如果你的生活中 有些事情纯粹是在浪费你的时间
and if there’s something in your life that is completely wasting your time,
比如你花时间和朋友一起 但你却没有获得任何价值
like you’re spending time with a friend and you’re not getting any value out of it,
你也没有帮助到他们 那么就不要再继续交往
and you’re not helping them either, and then cut that line.
Tip No.12 is something that I’ve came up with.
这个习惯在我读过的书里面都没有提过 但我注意到了这一点
It has never really been stated in any book that I’ve read, but I’ve noticed it.
A lot of millionaires focus on their highest earning activities.
举个例子 我在这个频道上
For example, one thing I do here on the channel
is I have noticed there are a ton of different kind of videos.
因此我就做书评 我研究前十排行榜 我列清单 这里有许多不同的视频
I do book reviews, I do top tens, I do lists there are all kinds of videos.
But one habit that I’ve seen millionaires do in the past
也是我要去模仿学习的一个习惯 就是专注于
that I’m going to try to replicate is focus on
which videos are the highest earning ones,
which ones get me the most views.
换句话说 也就是专注于那些能让我最快实现目标的事情
In other words, what gets me to my goal the quickest.
And there’s a lot of people that make this mistake.
他们觉得 哦 我想要赚一百万美元
They’re like: oh I want to make a million dollars,
but I want to have ten thousand dollars in my savings account,
or I want to buy this ten thousand dollar car.
That is not a highest earning activity.
如果你买下了那辆车 那你就需要花钱
If you buy that car, it’s going to cost you money.
If you spend 30 minutes at your local grocery store,
trying to decide which can of peas is going to save you 3 cents,
这就并不是一个高效行为 事实上你就是在浪费时间
that’s not a high earning activity. In fact, you’re literally wasting your time,
when you can spend three extra pennies on the can of peas
and have 30 extra minutes to work on your business.
So, I’m going to review these.
习惯一: 制定周预算或者月预算
Tip No. 1 is have a monthly or weekly budget.
习惯二: 更加积极主动
Tip No. 2 is to be proactive.
习惯三: 大量阅读
Tip No. 3 is to read a lot.
习惯四: 保持强烈的好奇心
No. 4 is to be super curious,
and pursue that curiosity.
习惯六: 找一个导师
Tip No.6 is to have a mentor.
习惯七和习惯八: 设定目标 并制作每日清单来完成目标
Tip No. 7 and 8 is to have goals and have daily lists to accomplish those goals.
习惯九: 拥有不同渠道的收入
Tip No. 9 is have multiple streams of income.
习惯十: 不要多样化 而是极度专注
Tip No. 10 is to not diversify but be extremely focused.
习惯十一: 不要浪费时间
Tip No. 11 is to avoid time wasters
最后一个习惯 就是专注于能使你产生最高效率的活动
And the last tip is to focus on the highest earning activities in your life.
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thanks for watching.
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但是却短小精悍 塞满了大量信息 正如你在这个视频中所看到的
but is jam-packed with tons of information, just like you saw in this video.
事实上 我还添加了几个故事
In fact I’ve also added a few extra stories
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There’s also plenty of amazing illustrations to aid in the learning process
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