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11个夏日必备的生活技巧 – 译学馆
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11 DIY Summer Life Hacks EVERYONE Should Know!!!

嗨大家好呀!这里是Wengie 欢迎回到我的频道!!
Hi guys! Is Wengie, welcome back to my channel!!
当然如果你是第一次看我的节目 欢迎!这就算是个欢迎拥抱啦~
Or if you’re new right here, welcome! Here’s a welcome hug
Today I have a such a fun video! It is 11 summer hacks
I literally came back from my beach holiday yesterday
We went to the Great Barrier of Reef
That’s the closest we get to summer here in Australia
If you guys want to find out what we did on our trip
我其实是有个视频博客的 我会在那上面更新我们做了的所有好玩的事情
I actually have a Vlog channel where I’m going to be uploading all of the fun things that we did
我们度过了一个海滨别墅假期 我们坐直升飞机去的 我们还跟鱼儿一起游泳了
We did a beach house tour, we went on a helicopter and we swan with the fishies
Hold up! If you guys aren’t part of the family already don’t forget to join!
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And the most awesome thing about being part of this family is:
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但是如果你想要额外的入口来最大化你的得奖机会 这下面会有一个链接
But if you want bonus entries to maximise your chances there is a link down below
上周它出了一点差错 所以大家 我非常抱歉
Last week it was a little bit broken so I’m sorry guys
But it is fixed!
It will be so awesome if we get this video to 50,000 thumbs up
I know you guys can do it because you guys are AMAZING!
I’m really excited to show guys these hacks!
Because I had so much fun with them
废话不多说 让我们直接进入视频吧!
So without further ado, lets jump straight to the video!
Let’s go!
NO.11 浮岛
有时候我想在泳池里降降温 又不想弄得湿漉漉的
There’s some days when I want to chill in the pool without getting wet
或者担心掉进水里 因为也许水会非常冷或者你就是单纯讨厌掉进去
Or worrying about falling in the water because maybe the water is too cold or you’re just not into that
有一个超棒的技巧就是 拿一个儿童泳池 充满气 把它当作一个浮岛用
So a great hack is just to get a kid’s swimming pool and blow it up and use it as a little floating island
So much roomier than the floating swans or the floating, like beds
而且因为这个边缘都要比里面高一点 这样你就可以把任何东西比如毛巾啊书啊枕头啊放在里面
And because the sides are kind of higher you can put towels, books and pillows and everything in there
还不用担心它掉进水里被打湿 当然也包括你自己
Without worrying about it falling in the water and getting wet, including yourself
我也不想有掉进水里的风险啊 特别是这里的池子 现在它真的非常冻人
I don’t want to risk falling into the water either. Especially like the pool here, right now, is SO cold
这真的特别冻人啊 这里还是冬天呢
It is freezing, it is still winter here!
There’s so many great designs for kids swimming pools
这个好可爱的 就像一个小恐龙 我叫它尼斯
This one is so cute! It’s like a little dinosaur and I call it Nessie
是的 我觉这个名字太适合它了
Yeah, I think that’s an appropriate name
NO.10 漂浮迷你酒吧
一旦在池子里安定下来 谁还会想上岸取一杯饮料呢
Who wants to go out and grab a drink once you’ve settled down in the pool?
Like, not me!
So here’s a great hack for all of you guys that want to keep hydrated while you’re in the pool
And that is to create your very own floating minibar
只要找一些条条 一个顶部比底部宽的塑料盆
Just grab some pool noodles, a plastic tub that is wider at the top than the bottom
Some thick string and scissors
Cut the pool noodles to the length of the sides of the tub
We basically want to create a border all the way around the tub
And not have a fall through
别担心!只需一把普通的大剪刀 这些条条就真的能非常轻松地剪开
Don’t worry! The noodles are actually really easy to cut with just a normal pair of large scissors
拿一些线 把它穿过条条
Grab a piece of string and thread it through your noodles
我选择交替这些颜色 这样就能看起来更鲜艳
I chose alternating colours to add a pop of brightness
现在把它拉到最紧的状态 然后系上一个双扣以确保它不会在水中松开
And now pull it super tight, and tie a double knot to make sure it doesn’t come loose while it’s in the water
And your minibar is complete!
现在你要做的就是加一些冰在底部 再把你喜欢的饮料放在盆里
All you need to do now is to add some ice in the bottom and your favourite drinks in the tub
And then launch it into the pool!
这真的是个补充水分的好办法 迷你酒吧就在外面跟小尼斯(湖水怪)一起漂浮着呢
It is such a great way to stay hydrated while out there floating with little Nessie
呃 其实是大尼斯(湖水怪)
Well, big Nessie actually
NO.9 糖刮擦剂
So this hack literally made my legs feel so smooth
我从未觉得我的腿有这么光滑过 所以你们一定要试试啊
Like I’ve never felt my legs this smooth before, so you guys got to try it!
It’s like a double shave and scrub routine
要做这次洗擦 你只需要简单地把三汤勺橄榄油和两汤勺蜂蜜混在一起
And to make this scrub you just simply combine 3 tablespoons of olive oil with 2 tablespoons of honey
And half a cup of sugar
只要把这些混和在一起 你就可以得到最棒的糖刮擦剂啦
Just mix this all together and you’ll have the perfect sugar scrub
现在 你只需要像通常那样刮腿 然后在刮过的区域上涂抹糖刮擦剂
Now, all you need to do is to shave normally and then use the sugar scrub on the areas you just shaved
This to get rid of all the dead skin
That’s kind of stopping your shaver from getting as close to the root of your hair as possible
做完之后 简单冲洗掉它 再刮一遍
And then simply after you’ve done that wash it of and shave again
It’ll literally be the smoothest shave you’ve ever experienced
就像:哇哦 我的腿摸起来好滑啊
Like: WOW, like my legs feel so soft
NO.8 简易版晒黑乳液
如果你想要做出暂时晒黑的效果 但是又用光了手头上的晒黑乳液或者根本没有
If you want to temporary tan but you’ve run out of self-tanner or don’t have any
A great option is just to use some cocoa from your cupboard
只需要把一些可可粉和一些身体保湿乳混合成粘稠物 像这个一样
Just mix some cocoa with some body moisturiser into a thick liquid like consistency, like this
It pretty much looks like dirty milk chocolate
然后一份简易版晒黑乳液就完成啦 这个颜色超级完美 还不会发橘 真的太棒了
And you’ll have a simple self-tanner that’s the perfect colour and it’s not orange, which is awesome
Just take a little bit and rub it onto your skin
And it’ll just leave a thin film to create a little dark tan
So you can see how it’s darken my skin a tiny bit
你只需简单洗个澡就可以把它出去了 如果有顽固性部分的话 用一些烘培苏打就可以了
And to remove it you simply shower and use some baking soda if there’s like any stubborn bits
NO.7 专属褐色纹身
如果你想让日光浴变得更好玩 就用防晒霜或者埃尔默胶水给你的身体加一个图案吧
If you want sunbathing to be even more fun try adding a pattern to your body with sunscreen or Elmer’s glue
And this will create your very own tan tattoo
Make sure you’re wearing sunscreen on all other parts of your body as well
如果不保护好的话 阳光真的可能会伤害你的皮肤
Sun can really damage your skin if it’s not protected
所以……套上T恤 涂上防晒霜 扣上帽子吧 大家
So…slip, slop, slap, guys
NO.6 去油头
当在脸上涂完防晒霜之后 夏日日常就来了
After applying sunscreen on your face and just general summerness
It makes your face look super oily and greasy
And a great way to de-shine is just to apply some translucent powder on your face through a thin tissue
我总是发现如果直接涂粉的话会显得太厚重 而且它们会在聚集在我的防晒霜结块
I always find applying it directly it gets too heavy and forms like clumps and collects around my sunscreen
或者就像面油一样 是的 听起来很恶心但是这种情况真的一直都有
Or like facial oil, yes, it sounds disgusting but it happens all the time
所以这条纸巾就可以帮你去除光泽感 也避免让你看起来像在脸上涂了太多粉
So the tissue helps you de-shine without looking like you’ve applied like too much powder on your face
而且最棒的是你的防晒霜依旧在脸上 这整个过程你都不会擦掉它
And the best thing is your sunscreen is still on and you don’t rub it off during this process
NO.5 止痒
我这个人非常喜欢挠蚊子咬的包 根本无法控制我的手指不去挠它们
I am a horrible mozzie bite scratcher like I just can’t keep my fingers off of them
如果你跟我一样喜欢挠痒 一个好办法就是在伤口上涂牙膏去中和它
A great hack if you’re a scratcher like me is to just to use toothpaste on the bites to sue them
会让你有一种冰凉的刺痛感 而且的确很管用的
It gives you a cool tingly feeling and it actually really works
我对这个方法有一点怀疑 我觉得它并没有什么用但又的确有效果
I was a bit dubious about this one, I didn’t think it would work but it did
And I forgot about my bites for a few hours after that
你也可以试试另外一个方法 就是用力拍打它 直到痛感盖住了痒
The other thing you can try to do is to slap it really hard until is just painful instead of itchy
NO.4 天然防蚊蜡烛
所以在夏天 远离蚊子才是我的生存要义啊
So in summer keeping mozzies away is literally the bane of my existence
当我发现了这些超级可爱的天然防蚊蜡烛 我就要给你们看看啦
So when I found this really cute and natural mozzie repellent candle I just had to show you guys!
你需要准备的有:广口瓶 蚊子讨厌的油 比如桉树薰衣草或者其他的油
All you need are: jars, essential oils that mozzies hate like eucalyptus, lavender oil and other oils
这里有一张列表 你只需选择一种对你的蚊子有效果的精油 因为蚊子都是不一样的
Like here’s a list and you just basically choose one that works for your mozzies ’cause all mozzies are different
你还需要柠檬 酸橙 迷迭香 还有茶蜡烛或者漂浮蜡烛
The other things you’ll need are: lemon, limes, rosemary and also tea candles or floating candles
And it’s just super simple to make!
Just fill up your jar two-thirds of the way up with water
将柠檬和酸橙切成薄片加到广口瓶里 再加上两根迷迭香
Slice up your lemon and limes and then add them into your jar with two springs of rosemary
现在 滴入十滴你选的精油混合物 我选的是薰衣草和桉树油
Now, add in 10 drops each of your chosen mix of essential oils, I chose lavender and eucalyptus
And then you can remove the metal part of your tea lights to create your own floating candle
或者就用一个普通的漂浮蜡烛 把它放到顶部
Or just use a normal floating candle and put it on top
当你想要赶走这些恼人的小东西的时候 点亮它就好了
Simply light it when you’re ready to repel those annoying little things
点亮蜡烛产生的热会让香味弥漫到空气中去 然后赶走蚊子们!
And the warmth will release the scent into the air and keep them away!
They are so perfect for like dinner parties!!
之后你也可以把溶液混合在一起 装到一个喷雾瓶里 喷向你自己以得到双重保护
You can also mix the solution into a spray bottle after and spray on yourself for extra protection
NO.3 荧光瓶
如果做出一个你自己的荧光瓶 你的夏夜就更有趣啦
Summer nights are way more fun when you create your own glow-in-the-dark lanterns
All you need are some glows sticks and some jars
Simply break the glow sticks to activate the glow
你听到的咔嚓声真的是由里面的玻璃发出来的 所以下一步一定要小心
The snaps you’re hearing are actually glass inside so be careful with the next part!
选择你喜欢的颜色 剪断管子顶部 让内容物流出来
Chose your favourite colour and cut the top of the tube to let the insides come out
And you basically just make cute patterns in the jar by flicking it around
你可以选你喜欢的颜色 或者把所有颜色混到一起
And you can do whatever colour you like or mix all the colours
在你弹开之后 管子里也许还会有一点液体堵在里面
After you’ve flicked it around, there’s maybe a little bit more stuck in the tube
So an easy way to get the rest of it out is to cut the top off
这会让空气通过 以便于剩余液体出来
And this will let the air go through so that the rest of the liquid comes out
我喜欢把三种颜色混在一起 做出一种星空一样的效果
I love mixing three colours together to make almost like a galaxy-like effect
And that’s pretty much it!
你可以做出你自己的设计 你可以摇晃它 你可以做任何你喜欢的样子 再把它们混合到一起
You can create your own designs , you can shake it up, you can do whatever you like and mix it together
And it’s such a cool way to lightup your night
而且如果你的朋友在旁边的话 这也会是个有趣的活动
And this could be a fun activity as well if you have like friends over
You guys can all make your own!
And yeah, it almost looks like little fireflies in the jar
NO.2 包包不进沙子
To protect your stuff from like the sneaky sand that sneaks into everything
You can also use a plastic bin liner
Simply find one with a plastic drawstring on the top
And put all the thing you don’t want sand on before placing it into your bag
NO.1 不再担心要丢拖鞋了
当我在沙滩上玩得太嗨 就会忘记自己把人字拖扔哪儿了
When I’m at the beach I get too caught up with having fun I totally forget where I throw my flipflops
Because I literally just kick the anywhere!
A great hack so that you never lose them
Is to use a harness clip to clip them onto the stroke of your beach bag
That way they’ll always be attached to your belongings
And it’s also a great way to carry around your flipflops while you’re walking along the beach
So that you don’t get sand in your bag
通常我就用手拿着 但是这个方法要简单多啦
Normally I just hold them with my hands but this is way easier!
Tell me which one of these hacks was your favourite!
Thanks so much for chilling with me!
I can’t wait to see your bright, beautiful faces next week!
就到这里:拜拜 爱你!
Until then: byee, love you!