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在它们消失前最该去的10大景点 – 译学馆
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10 Places You Should Visit Before They're Gone Forever

上升的海平面 正逐渐将岛屿吞没
From islands swallowed by rising water levels to melting glaciers at a skiing hotspot,
we count ten places you should visit before they’re gone forever!
大家好 我是梅丽莎
Hi,everyone,my name is Melissa
I am here to crising visors with will fix some all over the world.
第十位 马尔代夫
NO.10-The Maldives
如果你喜欢去危险的自然岛屿度假 那就去马尔代夫
If you like element of dangers of your island holiday,try visiting the Malduves
a collection of 1,200 tropical islands that are less than a metre above sea level.
The Maldives are super popular with honey visitors
but they might not be for long.
Environmental studies suggest the Maldives are in danger of disappearing under rising water levels.
It’s gotten so bad that the President had to announce a contingency plan.
He said the federal government is purchasing land in other nations
so that citizens will have somewhere to go.
I wonder if they all sleep in their scuba gear.
你懂得 以防万一
Y’know, just in case.
第九位 马德兰群岛
NO. 9 – Magdalen Islands
The Magdalen Islands are a beautiful getaway destination in Quebec’s Gulf of St. Lawrence.
They have pristine beaches and amazing sandstone cliffs, but if you want to check them out
不快点的话 你就没机会记住了
you better be quick before they literally erode from memory!
This stunning archipelago needs to learn how to stand up for itself because it
spends most of its times getting mostly perish by heavy winds.
A huge ice wall protects against the worst of it,
但即便如此 它也无法保护海岸线每年40英尺的侵蚀
but it has been able to event the coast form the rodding up to forty inches a year.
Oh, and if that weren’t bad enough,
冰川保护层正在消融 专家相信七十五年内它将彻底消失
the protective ice is melting. Experts believe it will be completely gone within seventy-five years,
which will leave the island vulnerable to some seriously destructive storms.
第八个 威尼斯意大利的水之城
No.8 Italy’s ‘City of Water’,
是世界上最浪漫的城市之一 几乎是所有摄影师的
Italy’s ‘City of Water’,is one of the most romantic cities in the world. It’s basically a photographer’s
梦幻之地 每年游客们都蜂拥至此品尝当地的葡萄酒 在运河里乘坐游船
wet dream, and every year tourists flock there to sample local wines, paddle across canals
并拍下许多迷人的桥梁 不幸的是
and take photos on its many charming bridges. • Unfortunately water levels in this unique
city have been rising for years and experts believe the place will be uninhabitable by
居住的地方 首先是凶猛的洪水将淹没它
the year 2100. And that’s assuming flood waters get it first. Many of its buildings
have been structurally compromised because of water immersion.
无论哪一个 威尼斯注定要重蹈亚特兰蒂斯的覆辙
• However it happens, Venice seems destined to go the way of Atlantis. But before it does
在那之前 游客们被推荐去看大运河克鲁斯
visitors are advised to check out the Grand Canal cruise and the breathtaking mosaics
以及圣马可教堂里惊人的拼花图案当然 旅游会加剧恶化现状
of the Basilica di San Marco. Of course, tourism will basically make the situation worse so,
所以 你懂得 第七位 阿尔卑斯山脉
yeah, there’s that… 7 – The Alps,
阿尔卑斯山是欧洲最大的山系 也是户外滑雪爱好者的天堂
• The Alps are the largest mountain system in Europe and a paradise for skiers and outdoor
不幸的是 它们处于巨大的风险中正如专家所料 冰川将在2050年
enthusiasts. Unfortunately, they’re at huge risk, as experts think the glaciers will completely
完全消融 因为它们处于海拔相对较低的位置
melt by 2050. • Because they sit at a relatively low altitude,
the Alps are especially susceptible to climate change. The region has been warming at three
times faster than the global average, causing it to lose three percent of glacial ice every
的冰川 除了毁掉成千上万的完美滑雪旅行外
year. • Aside from ruining thousands of perfectly
good ski trips, this could also affect Europe’s freshwater, as forty percent of it originates
地区 科学家最好带着滑雪板去好好研究下
in the Alps. Scientists better get their (ice) skates on if they hope to fix this problem.
第六位 死海 含盐的死海是一个
6 – The Dead Sea, • The salty Dead Sea is a lake that lies
位于以色列 巴勒斯坦和约旦领土之间长久以来
between Israel, Palestinian territory and Jordan. For a long time tourists and pilgrims
have flocked there believing its waters had special healing abilities.
• Unfortunately mineral mining and a diversion of water flow is drying the lake up. As the
natural mineral-rich water has receded, freshwater has taken its place, which are dissolving
the salt deposits and causing dangerous sinkholes to form.
在过去40年里 湖泊缩小了1/3并且下沉了80英尺
• In the last forty years, the lake has shrunk by a third and sunk eighty feet. Experts
believe it could disappear in less than fifty years, so if you want to float in the incredible
在神奇的有巨大浮力的湖泊中漂浮你最好趁早购票 机不可失 时不再来
naturally buoyant water you should probably buy your ticket, like, now.
第五位 马丘比丘马丘比丘是15世纪安第斯山脉上的
5 – Machu Picchu, • Machu Picchu is a mysterious Fifteenth
神秘的印加废墟 每年会吸引数以百万计的
Century Inca ruin found high up in the Andes Mountains. Millions of travellers from all
世界各地的游客 因此马丘比丘正处于危险之中
across the world are drawn their every year – which is exactly why it’s in danger.
根据考古学家所言 脆弱的废墟处在失修状态
• According to archaeologists, the fragile ruins are in a state of serious disrepair
because disrespectful visitors regularly jump and climb all over the site’s structures.
The area also has a massive erosion problem because tourists like to wander off where
they’re not supposed to. • To remedy this, the Peruvian government
秘鲁政府决定限制游客数每天不超过2500人好了 朋友们
has limited the number of visitors to just 2,500 a day. Come on, guys! I know they’re
我知道它叫遗迹 但这不代表着你得去毁了它 这也是我们无法保留
called ‘ruins’ but that doesn’t mean you have to ruin them! This is why we can’t
住美好的东西的原因第四位 大堡礁
have nice things… 4 – The Great Barrier Reef,
• Australia’s breathtaking Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef in the world
– and naturally nothing that big or that beautiful can withstand the destructive touch
of humans. • Coral reefs are fragile ecosystems that
can’t handle pollution or rising temperatures. When coral dies it loses its vibrant colour,
threatening the many species that rely on it to survive.
• Over half of the Great Barrier Reef has vanished in the past thirty years and environmentalists
fear this natural wonder could be completely destroyed if better conservation efforts aren’t
可能会被完全摧毁第三位 马达加斯加
implemented immediately. 3 – Madagascar,
马达加斯加 世界第四大岛屿是一些非常漂亮的热带雨林和各种各样

• Madagascar, the fourth largest island in the world, is home to some seriously beautiful
令人惊讶的野生动物的家园 不幸的是
tropical rainforests and an amazingly diverse range of wildlife. But unfortunately huge
马达加斯加的大部分地区已经被破坏了是因为 当然是人类
portions of it have been destroyed because of – you guessed it! – humans.
• Mankind has chopped down the rainforest for timber, bulldozed it to make crop fields,
烧焦树木将其作为燃料 食用一些濒危动物
burnt trees for fuel and poached several animal species to near extinction. It’s said just
ten percent of the original forest is intact. • If things don’t change soon it’s predicted
that Madagascar’s rainforests and unique species will disappear within thirty-five
第二位 亚马逊雨林
years. 2 – Amazon Rainforest,
• Amazon isn’t just an online retailer; it’s also the largest and most diverse tropical
rainforest in the world. Spread over various countries in South America, this amazing rainforest
covers a staggering 1.4 billion acres and is home to a huge number of animal species,
including twenty percent of the world’s bird species.
或许你会认为一些巨大并且重要的东西是不可侵犯的 但是专家说
• You’d think something huge and important would be untouchable, but experts say it could
像马达加斯加 亚马逊森林会因为过度砍伐在短短50年的时间里完全消失
disappear entirely in just fifty years. Like Madagascar, the Amazon rainforest has been
超过20%的雨林因为过度的砍伐开垦 采矿而消失
crippled by excessive deforestation. Over twenty percent of it has been cleared for
farming, mining and logging. • It’s also been negatively affected by
climate change. Every decade the Amazon’s dry season grows longer, which increases the
导致了森林火灾的风险增大第一位 南极洲
risk of deadly forest fires. 1 – Antarctica,
南极洲看起来是一个寒冷 没有生命的大陆
• Antarctica may seem like a cold, lifeless continent, but it’s home to many unique
但它却是像北极熊 帝企鹅 海豹那种独一无二的生物的家园
creatures, like polar bears, emperor penguins and leopard seals. This makes it a bucket
这次 它成为许多冒险者旅行列表的首选不幸的是 全球变暖和大量游客的涌入
list entry for many adventurous travellers. • Unfortunately, global warming and a huge
influx of tourists have had a negative and irreversible effect on this icy continent.
It seems Antarctica is on very thin ice. In the last few decades alone, Antarctica has
experienced temperature increases of three degrees Celsius. Because of this, it’s losing
160 billion tonnes of ice every year – and that number looks set to continue rising.
• This reduced sea ice cover has caused a huge drop in Antarctic krill numbers and
several species of native penguins are now critically endangered. It’s very sad.
serveral species of native penguins are now critically endangered. it’s very sad
所以伙伴们 你们会怎么度过你们梦幻的假期呢
So guys,what would you do on your dreaming vacation?
在这里记录下来 让我们了解你所做的一切你会越来越冷静 下次再见
let us know all about it in the read paper link below, and you may be futher and futher calm down. See you next time!