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10 Period Hacks All Girls NEED To Know!

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嘿 你们好!我是Wengie 欢迎回到我的频道
Hey guys! It’s Wengie, welcome back to my channel.
今天我要说的是经期的10个小秘诀 它们是我至今发现最有实用性的
Today I wanted to do 10 period hacks. I think these are the most practical and useful I’ve found.
So… Lets have some girly talk here.
有趣的是 我发布这个视频的时候正好在经期!
It’s funny that i’m posting this video now because it is that time of the month for me!
我什么都不想做 不想出去 就想缩在床上
I don’t want to do anything, I don’t want to go out, just want to curl up in bed.
I’m really lucky because I don’t get cramps anymore like I use to.
你们知道吗 如果你和某人待久了 那么你们的经期会同步
Did you guys know that if you spend a lot of time with someone, your periods actually SYNC.
如果你有一个亲密的女性朋友 你们可能经期相同 因为你们经常在一起
If you have a close female friend, you both might be having your periods at the same time because you spend so much time together.
Maybe you are like period twinnies!
如果你们还不是家族的一部分 我鼓励你们加入
If you guys aren’t already part of the family I encourage you to join!
Here’s a welcome family hug <3
我们现在这么亲近彼此 是时候让我们组成家庭成员了
Since we are getting a little intimate I thought it would be appropriate that we become family members.
You know?
If you are already part of the family I love you guys! You know how we love our girly talks here!
让我们给这个视频点20000个赞 这会非常
Lets get this video to 20,000 thumbs up because that would be super
非常 非常 非常 非常……
Dooper dooper dooper dooper dooper dooper dooper dooper dooper…
不说其他的 让我们快开始今天的视频吧!
So without further a do lets get straight to the video
When you get those awful cramps and aches during your time of the month
一个暖宝宝总能让我缓和些 或者……另一个方法是你可以用猫
A warm heat pack always makes me feel better. Or… another hack is you could always use a cat.
但是如果你没有猫 你可以花30分钟制作一个个性化的暖宝宝
But if you don’t have access to a KITTY you could make your very own personalised heat pack in about 30 minutes.
All you need is a tea towel or cotton material that can be microwaved. (That is super important.)
一个针线包或者机器 一把剪布的剪刀 和一些大米
A sewing kit or machine. Fabric scissors and some good ol’ rice!
把材料剪裁成你想要暖宝宝的两倍大小 一个好的剪裁是把它对着直到正确的大小
Cut your material to double the size you want your heat packet to be. A great hack is to just fold it in half until you get the right size.
沿着折痕剪裁 在折痕和剪刀中使布保持紧绷
And cut around the folds by keeping tension between the fold and your scissors.
或者你可以用马克笔画出轮廓 然后沿着剪下来
Or you can measure it out and outline it with some marker and cut along the outline.
But, i’m just super lazy. 😉
然后缝住3/4的边 但是我又偷懒了 所以我只缝了两边 因为一边已经折叠过了
Then sew 3/4 sides but me AGAIN being really lazy I made it so I only had to sew 2 because 1 was already there from the fold.
现在你可以自己缝或者用缝纫机 如果你想保障安全的话 你可以把你的手放在同一边双回缝
Now, you can sew by hand or use a sewing machine. If you want to make sure it’s secure you can double back your hand stitch over the same side
And that way you are making sure that it is NOT going to come loose.
Leave about a 1cm margin as well.
做完这些以后 把它翻过来 看起来就是一个非常可爱的小包了
Once you’ve done that, flip it over so it looks like this super cute little pouch.
你所要做的就是用大米填满3/4 小包的容量
And all you need to do is fill this this pouch with rice about 3 quarters of the way up.
这样做完以后 小包依然柔软 可以包裹住圆形的物体 就像我的肚子
This way it still remains flexible, and easier to place over round spots LIKE MA BELLY
现在用紧密的针线封住留下的那边 放进微波炉里微博30秒到一分钟 然后就可以用啦
Now seal the remaining side closed with a closing stitch and throw it in the microwave for about 30 seconds to 1 minute, and it’s ready to use!
它摸非常舒服 就像一只小猫咪一样温暖:3
It feels so nice and warm like a nice warm kitty :3
我们日产饮食中所吃的东西确实会影响到荷尔蒙 最终改变我们经期时的症状
What we eat in our diet actually affects our hormones and in the end, affects the symptoms we get during our period.
所以尽量多吃蔬菜或者做一个素食主义者 这会对经期的症状有所改善 比如经前综合征
So try eating more vegetables or becoming a vegetarian which apparently does help with periods symptoms like PMS, cramps,
And, just the overall tired feeling.
含钙高的食物也会减轻这些症状 有时甚至会全部消除
Also foods high in calcium have been shown to reduce these too and sometimes reduce it COMPLETELY.
钙元素可以在菠菜 甘蓝菜这些绿色蔬菜中找到 多吃这些蔬菜吧 对你们非常有好处
Calcium can be found in Green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale. Love this stuff guys, it is SO good.
同样的 黑巧克力不仅能解决食欲还蕴藏大量的镁能帮助减轻痛经
Also dark chocolate helps to deal with cravings and has high magnesium levels which helps reduce cramps.
所以 朝黑巧克说嘿!
So, hell yeah to dark chocloate!
你会选择多高的? 我退缩选择了含85%可可的巧克力 在下面评论你的选择
How high can you go? I chicken out at the 85% cocoa range. Let me know down below.
So stains are unavoidable.
我们都会有血迹 但绝对不要用热水洗掉它们
Like, we’ve all experienced it. Never EVER wash your stains with warm water.
It actually locks in the stain into the material.
You are never gonna get it out so…
和这些内裤 床单 浴巾(或者任意一个你已经毁掉的东西)
To those undies, sheets or towels.(Or whatever you managed to destroy.)
相对的 应该用冰水去洗 加一些过氧化物或洗衣粉 这样才能最大可能的清除掉血迹
Instead, use ice cold water with some peroxide or laundry powder. That will give you the best chance of getting rid of the stain.
当然啦 我们不可能拯救所有东西:(
But of course, we can’t save everything. 🙁
对 有时候它太顽固了;-;
Yeah, sometimes its just too strong. ;-;
如果你没有经期裤 你应该买一条
If you don’t have period undies, YOU SHOULD GET SOME.
留出大概5-7条你并不是很在意染上血迹的内裤 试着用深色的 比如黑色 你甚至看不到血迹
Set aside maybe 5-7 pairs of undies that you don’t really care about getting stained or try using dark colors like black so you can’t even see the stain.
我喜欢优衣库的 因为它是用微纤维制成的 它确实能干的很快 所以如果你需要紧急清洗的话 它会干的很快
I love these ones by UniClo because it’s made of this microfiber material, Its really quick at drying so if you need to do an emergency wash, you can do that and it will dry super quickly.
如果你看我的微博 你可能见到我一直这样做
If you watch my blog channel, you’ve probably seen me do this a lot.
我每天的必须要喝一杯拿铁咖啡 但是那对你的生理期非常不好
My everyday lattee is a must but apparently caffeine is very bad for your time of the month.
And you get (dun dun dun) CRAMPS.
咖啡因会提升你的前列腺素 也就是首要引起疼痛收缩的地方
The caffeine leads to higher levels of prostaglandin which are the things that cause painful contractions in the first place.
所以如果这是你已经经历过的 那么把你的拿铁咖啡改成其他的东西
So if this something you’ve experienced, replace your caffeine with something else instead!
像凉茶或者果汁 然后你的子宫会感谢你的 你会感觉好很多:D
Like herbal tea or juice and your uterus with thank you later. You will feel so much better. 😀
经期不是什么值得羞耻的事情 但是有时候你只是不想全班知道你去厕所换卫生棉的事
Periods are nothing to be ashamed of but sometimes you just don’t want the whole class to know you are going to the toilet to change your pad.
所以 试着在早上放一个卫生棉在你的胸罩里
So try stuffing one in your bra in the morning!
So you don’t have to carry anything with you when you go.
你也可以贴两层卫生棉 你可以轻易地撕掉上面一层 然后使用第二层
Also, you could try double lining your pads so that you simply rip off the top and you are ready to go with the second one.
这对如果你要去某个地方并且你不能拿包或者别的东西的时候 是极其有用的
This is also extremely useful if you are going somewhere and you can’t carry a bag or anything.
…You could even try triple lining it!
试着留下记录 这对预知你的经期何时来很有用
Knowing when your period comes is SO useful, so try tracking it.
我知道我的身体现在很棒 但是当生理期时 我会突然头痛并且觉得很累
I know my body so well now that i just know when it’s that time of the month. I get these sudden headaches and I feel really tired.
但你可以从APPstore上下一些能够放松的APP 有些真的很漂亮
But you can try apps that you can download for free from the Appstore and some of these are SOO pretty!
你也可以吃一些药 如果你无法预测经期的到来 这使你的经期更规律
You can also go on the pill to make your period more regular if you are unpredictable.
你的糖丸主要从你经期开始的时候开始吃 这样你就能知道它什么时候来
And basically it starts when your sugar pills start so you know when its coming.
For more information of birth control I have a whole video on my own experience.
And don’t forget to check and consult a doctor first. =^-^=
一个阻止痛经的好方法!在你知道开始痛经的前一天服用止痛药 比如布洛芬
A great hack to avoid painful cramps! Start taking a pain killer like ibuprofen one day before you know you are going to start cramping.
这种方法你甚至不用忍耐10-15分钟的痛苦 来等待药效的发挥
That way you don’t even need to wait for the agonizing 10-15 minutes for the painkiller to work
你可以起床 准备出发!;D
And you can just wake up, ready to go! 😀
对 这个东西可能看起来奇怪除非你听到过或者看到过月事杯
Yes, this thing must look strange unless you’ve heard of or seen a menstrual cup.
These things are made of medical grain silicone and collect at the… GOOD STUFF.
Into it so it saves you from buying pads!
这意味着在长时间中花费更少的钱 并且对环境有益因为你损耗低的把它丢掉
Which means less money in the long term. And its also great for the environment because you are throwing away less waste!
现在 让我们把这个瓶子假装成是你的……你懂得
Now, lets pretend this bottle is your… you know.
然后把它像这样放好 然后很好的密封 这样就不会漏出来
And it fits up there like this and created a nice seal so there is no leaking.
它甚至可以承受大流量 比如一整天
It can even handle heavy flow for like, a whole day.
因为……因为……这是流出来的 懂吗?
Cus… Cus… It goes with the flow, ya know?
You love me!
现在这完全是(技术会议索引)TMI 但是我们要变得更亲近
Now this is totally TMI but we are going to get intimate.
Sometimes heavy flow means accidental drips after your shower. >:(
所以替代日常擦干自己 试着坐在马桶上做这些
So instead of drying yourself normally, try doing it while sitting on the toilet.
用这种方法你就可以慢慢来 而且不用担心留下尴尬的痕迹
That way you can take your time and not worry about leaving a trail behind!
You can do your moisturizing routine and everything on the toilet as well,
So that you don’t make accidental messes on the floor.
(You’re welcome.) 🙂
所以 当大姨妈来看你的时候 你觉得很冷并且关注着你的工作
So, you’re chillin’ and minding your own business when your red friend decides to visit you.
Of course, at this time you don’t have any pads with you or ANYTHING.
那么 这里有一个DIY的方法提供给你 如果你曾经被这种情况困住
Well, here’s a DIY hack for you if you are ever stuck in this situation!
现在 我解决的办法通常是把卫生纸放在内裤上 但这是更好的方法
Now, my go 2 solution is normally stuffing my undies with toilet paper, but this is WAAAY better.
那一些厚的 吸收性好的东西比如餐巾 手巾或甚至你的袜子 如果你处于绝望状况下
Get something thick and absorbent like napkins, hand towels or even your sock if you are desperate.
And place it on your undies.
现在我们要用一长段卫生纸确实的裹住你的内裤 固定住它
Now we are going to use a length of toilet paper to actually wrap it around your undies to keep it in place.
It actually feels super secure!
在你重复了几次以后 最后搭住 它确实给了你一个很好的保护
After you’ve done this a few times, tuck in the ends and it actually gives you a decent amount of protection.
当然 不要天天用 把这当做卫生棉……除非你想要这么做
Of course, don’t use this as everyday pad… Unless you want to.
像 我不做评论
Like, i’m not judging.
在下面留言让我知道哪个是你最喜欢的方法 非常感谢这周听我闲谈
Let me know which one is your favorite hack DOWN BELOW. Thanks so much for chilling with me this week 🙂
And I hope to see you guys, SUPER soon in my next video.
BYEEEEEE ~~~~ <33
Love u~
如果你正好在经期 祝你好运啦:3
If it’s that time of the month for you, I hope you feel better :3