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健康长寿人群的十大习惯 – 译学馆
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10 Habits of Healthy People - How To Live Longer

大家好 这段视频 你将学到健康长寿者
hey guys in this video you’re gonna learn the ten habits of a healthy and
的十大习惯 这些习惯是我从大量书籍
long-lasting person now these habits have been through a whole bunch of books
that I’ve read and articles that I’ve read and even studies that I’ve looked
at reports from and these are habits of people who do live a very long life and
让我们了解这些习惯 看看你是否能
are also quite healthy so we’re gonna take a look at them and see if you can
break them down and implement them into your own life so that you can be
你会更健康 长寿 习惯一
healthier and hopefully live longer habit number one is that these people
每天至少运动三十分钟 体育运动有各种
move around for at least thirty minutes a day now physical activity has all
好处 从心理到生理 甚至是友情
kinds of benefits from psychological to physiological to all kinds of even your
friendships the quality of your friendships can increase just by moving
around for 30 minutes a day because it increases the healthiness of the neurons
in the brain now I would suggest this 30 minutes of movement is a bare minimum
如果这都觉得困难 请做你喜欢的事
and if that bare minimum is a struggle make it something that you enjoy doing
比如某项体育运动 如果喜欢举重就举重
like playing a sport if you like lifting then go and lift if you like running
喜欢跑步就跑步 喜欢跑步 别去举重
then go and run if you like running do not go and lift if that’s not what’s
going to motivate you to move around for 30 minutes a day habit number two is
习惯二 有一项喜爱的运动 我个人并不
that they have a favorite sport now personally I’m not much of a sports guy
热衷运动 但我喜欢和朋友打篮球
but I do enjoy playing basketball with some friends and I think this helps a
这就为30分钟运动贡献了不少 事实上当我
lot and moving around for 30 minutes a day in fact when I go out and play
和朋友打篮球时 都意识不到已过了30
basketball with my friends I don’t even realize 30 minutes has passed it’s
分钟 通常是打一两小时 直到体育馆
usually an hour or two hours and then the gyms closing and it’s like wow I did
关门 哇 不知不觉已和朋友轻松完成
not realize I spent that much physical activity enjoying the time with my
了如此大的运动量 习惯三 学会吃
friends habit number three is that they educate themselves about the food that
they put in their body now this is something that a lot of people struggle
with because there’s a lot of myths and bad information on the internet but what
但你能做的是从中分选 尽量多看 然后
you can do is sort through it so just read as much as you can and you’ll kind
你就能分辨 好吧 这是谣言 我不用信
of start to understand all right this is a myth I don’t need to believe this this
这帖子真烂 这是网站发布危言耸听的
is a bad article this website gives out horrible information it’s just something
信息 这事你要长期坚持 不断自学关于
that you do over time you just have to continually educate yourself about the
食物 大量营养素 卡路里的知识 甚至
food about macronutrients about calories even technical stuff like how to build
专业知识 如怎么练肌肉 减肥 这对
muscle on how to lose weight that stuff super important and being healthy habit
保持健康至关重要 习惯四制定饮食计划
number four is that they have a meal plan now this isn’t something that I’ve
我平常不这么做 但会有一份用餐安排
really implemented in my life but I do kind of have a schedule and what it is
知道一天几顿吃些什么 知道
is I have certain meals that I go through my day and I know
食物是健康的 不含主要致癌物 如果我
these are healthy enough they don’t have any major carcinogens and if I eat them
一天定时这么吃 之后通常感觉很棒
at throughout this time of the day I generally feel great afterwards so
having a meal plan or at least a meal schedule is something that a lot of
健康人士的生活习惯 习惯五 性生活
healthy people have in their life habit number five is sex now I know a lot of
很多人会觉得很尴尬 但这里仅指爱人间
people might actually get offended about this but loving intimate sex is what
亲密的性生活 而非一时放纵或周末玩玩
this means not a fling or a weekend thing
it’s just that loving intimate sex produces way more total beneficial
荷尔蒙远超周末艳遇 如果每周你都
hormones in your brain than a weekend fling does and if you do weekend flings
周末嗨 一夜情 你会成瘾 此时
one-night stands every week you can actually start to form an addiction and
脑中多巴胺质量开始下降 实际上
the dopamine quality in your brain will start to reduce and that can actually
这会成为坏习惯 日后你不得不摒弃
become a negative habit that you’ll have to get rid of later on so try to form
loving intimate relationships and within those intimate relationships I have
found that people that are super healthy and live a long time have sex quite
好了 下一个 习惯六每天至少喝两升水
often anyways on to the next habit habit six to drink at least 2 liters of water
我现在每天随身携带水杯 里面装两升水
a day now I have carried around a two-liter bottle of water one day for
有些人更需要大量喝水 尤其是整天喝汽水
some people it’s going to be a ton of water especially if you’re used to
碳酸饮料的人 小时候我喝很多茶
drinking pop or soda throughout the day when I was little I drank a lot of tea
把茶换成水 是巨大挑战 但过去六个月
so switching from tea to water was quite a challenge but now for the past like 6
months I have not drinkin anything other than specifically water or milk
我发现 一 小便很多
and I have noticed that one I pee an awful lot and
二 起床时心情好很多 睡觉前
two my mood is way better when I wake up like when I if I go to bed right before
I go to bed I chug usually like 8 ounces of room-temperature water and what
这能帮我更好入睡 当我醒来
happens is for some reason that helps me get to sleep better and when I wake up
哇 精神焕发 我不得不小便 这挺糟糕
boom I’m ready to go usually because I have to pee really bad but it wakes me
但醒来时就像洗了个冷水澡 所以多喝水
up it’s like almost like a cold shower so drinking tons of water is something
是许多健康人士的习惯 习惯八多去户外
that a lot of healthy people do habit number eight is that they are outside a
阳光下 户外时间2到8小时不等
lot now I got all kinds of numbers on this from two hours to eight hours of
我当然知道如果不好好保护皮肤 阳光会
sunlight but I do know sunlight can cause skin cancer if you do not protect
诱发皮肤癌 但人体会利用阳光合成更多
yourself from it well enough but your body will start to produce more nutrients
营养物 如维生素D 一种主要的营养物
from the sunlight like vitamin D I think is one of the main ones and
如果缺乏自然光照 人们会变得抑郁
people can actually start to get depressed if the natural sunlight is
这被称为SAD 即”季节性情绪失调”
taken away from them it’s called sad or seasonal affective
所以晒太阳的好处已被证实 习惯八
disorder so there are proven benefits of having sunlight habbit number 8 is that
至少7小时的高质量睡眠 我可以列举
they get at least 7 hours of quality sleep now there are all kinds of tips
各种帮你提升睡眠质量的技巧 这很重要
that I could name here to help you have quality sleep and that’s what’s
你能睡着 但如果灯亮着 周围有奇怪的
important because you can have sleep but if the lights on and there’s a weird
噪音 你就无法拥有高质量睡眠
noise in the background you’re not going to have quality sleep. Try to keep the
尽量关灯 睡觉前六小时內不要摄入任何
light off don’t have any caffeine for less than six hours before you go to
咖啡因 把大多数灯光调暗 包括手机
sleep turn down most of the light even on your phone there should be like
你可调低亮度 我不建议上床前
a brightness thing that you can turn down i don’t
一小时外出或进食 此类技巧有许多
recommend working out or eating an hour before you go to bed there’s just tons
实际上 我有一期视频 介绍过一本
of tips I think I actually did a video review of one of the books called sleep
《聪明睡眠》这书很棒 不管怎样7小时
smarter this is amazing book anyways seven hours quality sleep it will help
高质量睡眠会让你更健康 还能延年益寿
you become a more healthy and then another benefit is you’ll probably live
多年来 很多研究已证实睡眠和健康相关
longer sleep has been correlated to health over many years in many studies
我对此毫不怀疑 我会保证睡眠质量
and it’s just I’m not going to doubt that I’m going to get quality sleep and
也劝你如此 习惯九 经常冥想
I urge you to do the same. Habit number nine is that they meditate frequently
我成长过程中并不常做冥想 但我翻阅过
meditation is not something that I normally did growing up but I have read
大量研究 许多做冥想的人证明
many studies and have had many testimonials of people who have
冥想提升了他们的生活质量 从更好地
meditated that it actually improves the quality of their life from handling
控制情绪到提高睡眠质量 甚至一整天
their emotions better to improving their sleep quality to even feeling more
都感觉心平气和 睡醒后或上床前
peaceful throughout the day just a couple minutes of meditation right after
做几分钟冥想 可增加人脑中一种叫灰质
you wake up or right before you go to bed can increase I think it’s called
的东西 个人认为专业上说 错了别怪我
grey matter in your brain and I think technically don’t quote me on this I
时间一长 能提高智商 这还没被证实
think technically can increase your IQ over time now that’s not quoted so don’t
所以别太当真 好了 习惯十
take that to the bank but anyways habit number ten is that
经常微笑 由于某种原因 健康人士经常
they smile they smile a lot healthy people for some reason I don’t
微笑 不知两者是相互作用还是因果关系
know if it’s correlation or causation but they smile a lot maybe they’re
也许因为微笑才健康 也许因为健康才
healthy because they smile or maybe because they smile a lot they are
时常微笑 我只知道两者有关联 所以我
healthy I just know there’s a correlation between this so I’m gonna
会让自己多处于开心愉快 满足喜悦的
put myself in a lot of situations where I can smile where I’m happy where I’m
状态 一整天都有动力做事的状态
fulfilled and joyful and just motivated to do stuff throughout the day because
我曾经有很多次并非如此 现在我会随时
there have been times in my life where I wasn’t like that and I would choose the
选择更愉悦积极的时刻 总结一下健康
happier joyful motivated moments anytime anyways I’m gonna review these ten
长寿人士的十大习惯 因为有人要求我在
habits of healthy and long living people because I’ve been requested having some
视频结尾做些总结 我也希望听到你们的
summaries at the end of videos and I just want you guys’ opion on
意见 习惯一每天运动30分钟 习惯二
it habit number one is to move for 30 minutes a day habit number two is to
有一项喜爱的运动 习惯三 学会吃
have a favorite sport habit number three is to be educated about the food that
习惯四 制定饮食计划或安排
you eat habit number four is to have a meal plan or meal schedule habit number
习惯五亲密爱人间的性生活 习惯六
five is sex in a loving and intimate relationship habit number six is to
每天至少喝2升水 习惯七多去户外
drink at least 2 liters of water a day habit number 7 is to be outside a lot
我不知道具体时间 但5小时内 在户外
now I didn’t get a number on this but the more you outside I would say the
时间越长越好 习惯八至少
better up to probably around five hours habit number eight is to get at least
7小时高质量睡眠 习惯九经常冥想
seven hours of quality sleep habit number nine is to meditate frequently
最后一个 微笑 祝您愉快 感谢收看
and the last habit is to smile now have a wonderful day thank you so much for watching
希望你有所收获 能学到一些宝贵的知识
this video I hope you learned something I hope you got some gold nugget of knowledge
并运用于生活中 活得更健康更长寿
that you can use to implement in your life to become healthier
谢谢收看 如果喜欢本视频
and maybe even live longer thank you guys so much for watching like
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this video if you liked it subscribe if you want more
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read in one sitting but is jam-packed with tons of information just like you
就像本视频呈现的 事实上我还加了些
saw in this video in fact I’ve also added a few extra
故事 并修正了视频教程的一些错误
stories and fixed some of the errors found in this video course there’s also
plenty of amazing illustrations to aid in the learning process and keep the
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