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10 Bizarre Ways People Became Famous

从吃飞机的狂人到假扮成雷鬼男孩乐队的歌手的马莲娜 我们统计出了10个另类的方法
From aircraft-eating madmen to posing as a reggae boy band, we count 10 Bizarre Ways
People Became Famous
嘿 伙计们 我是危险的舞蹈神秘的男孩。 我来这里是为了用内部研究和其他黑魔法来打击你们的思想
Hey,there guys.I am Danger dance mysterious brother.I am here to blow your mind with academic research inside and other dark magic.
第十名—狂人 如果从字面上理解嫩豌豆先生
10 – Monsieur Mangetout • If you translate the name Monsieur Mangetout,
它的意思是—“吃光一切的男人” 这也说明了为什么这个名字如此适合这个
it means ‘Mister consume-everything’ which is why it is such a fitting name for this
bizarre guy. • His real name was Michel Lotito and he
他因食用大量像玻璃 橡皮 甚至金属这样不可食用的物品而出名
was famous for eating giant not-eatable things like glass, rubber and even metal.
在他作为专业进食者的生涯中 嫩豌豆吃过整个自行车 电脑
During his career as a professional thing-eater, Mangetout ate entire bicycles, computers and
甚至一架赛斯纳150飞机 他用过去的两年把这架飞机吃掉
even a goddamn Cessna 150 airplane. He ate the entire plane over a two-year period and
而且每天 他的胃都可以撑下两磅重的硬材料
could stomach up to two pounds of hard material every single day.
不可思议的是 能使这个男人恶心的两种的食物是香蕉和煮烂的
• Surprisingly, the only food that made this guy sick was bananas and hard boiled eggs.
鸡蛋 第九名—莱恩·贝兹
9 – Ryan Beitz
• What originally started out as a casual joke at Christmas, turned into Ryan Beitz
going on a mission to buy thousands of VHS tapes.
• Apparently Beitz decided one holiday to gift each of his family members with an identical
1994版由桑德拉·布洛克和基努·里维斯主演的电影《生死时速》的复制品作为礼物 后来他在一家二手商品店发现了
copy of 1994 film ‘Speed’ featuring Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves. He then found thirty
有三十多卷家庭录像 并用三美元十美分买下了它
more VHS copies at a thrift store and bought the lot for $3.10.
• Beitz’s kickstarter campaign to have his car painted exactly like the vehicle from
电影一样成功 现在他开着它环游全国,并不停地搜寻
the movie was successful and now he travels around the country in it on an endless search
更多的《生死时速》录像带 第八名—中川·艾瑞克
for more Speed VHS tapes. 8 – Eric Nakagawa
夏威夷岛上宁静的一天 一个年轻的男人拍了一张猫的照片 并给它配上了文字
• One quiet day in Hawaii, a young man took a picture of a cat and added words to it and
这永远改变了他的人生 中川·艾瑞克是创始人
changed his life forever. • Eric Nakagawa is the original creator
网上最著名的表情包芝士汉堡肥猫的创始人之一 在这张图片
of one of the most famous memes on the internet, the cheezburger cat. After the image became
风靡网络之后 中川创办了LolCats网站 最近出售了
hugely famous on the internet, Nakagawa started a website called LolCats, and recently sold
一个疯狂的两百万美金 他甚至出版过一本书
the domain for a crazy two million dollars. • He even went on to publish a book that
登上了《纽约时报》的畅销榜 第七名—泽迪·利托
became a New York Times Best Seller. 7 – Zeddie Little
2012年马拉松比赛中 一张偶然拍到的照片使得这个家伙在网上一夜成名
• A chance photo at a marathon in 2012 made this guy an overnight internet sensation.
• Zeddie Little was participating in the Cooper River Bridge Run in South Carolina
跑步的过程中 他朝着一个陌生的摄像师微笑。 照片中的其他参赛者看起来筋疲力尽
when he smiled at a random photographer. The other runners in the photo look exhausted,
疲惫并且大汗淋漓 但是利托看起来像是在超模摆拍 网上的
tired and sweaty, but Little looks like he’s in a supermodel photo-shoot.
网友们称他为“荒谬的上镜男孩” 全世界的女人极为震惊 在
The internet dubbed him ‘Ridiculously Photogenic Guy’.
Women of the world were devastated when his identity was revealed and it was reported that he was in a long, committed relationship.Damn.
该死 第六名—加里·达尔
6 – Gary Dahl
• One of the most bizarrely successful marketing campaigns ever belonged to a man called Gary
在1975年的一晚 他在酒吧谈论着
Dahl. • One night in 1975, Dahl was in a bar talking
传统意义上的宠物喂养是多么麻烦 并且还要时不时遛它 接着他产生了
about how traditional pets are such a hassle to feed and walk all the time, and came up
一个疯狂的想法“宠物雕像”他去买了上百个宠物雕刻作品 大概一美分
with a crazy idea: pet rocks. He went and bought hundreds of rocks for about a penny
一个 然后把它们放进一个小纸屋中并以每个3美元95美分的价格出售 令人吃惊的是 达尔卖出的如此
a piece and sold them in little carboard houses for $3.95 each. Astoundingly, Dahl sold so
many that he practically became a millionaire overnight.
达尔因此变成了广告界的传奇 你可以了解这个案例的全部过程在他所写的
• Dahl became an advertising legend and you can read all about in the book he wrote
叫《给傻瓜读的广告学》的书里 第五名—碳妈
called ‘Advertising for Dummies’. 5 – Tan Mom
不是所有人出名的原因都是积极向上的 这个女人出名是
• Not all of the reasons people get famous are positive, and this woman found fame in
以一种非常非常可疑的方式出了名 一个女人可怕又危险的
a really, really questionable way. • A woman with a horrendously dangerous
痴迷日光床 并被指控通过日光浴意外烧伤她五岁的女儿
obsession with tanning beds was accused of burning her five-year-old daughter in a tanning
虽然这个母亲声称她女儿的烧伤是以前的晒伤所致 日光
accident, though the mother claimed her daughter’s tan burns were regular old sunburn. Tanning
床是导致皮肤癌的巨大因素之一 该服务在许多国家是违法的 因为某种原因
beds are a huge cause of skin cancer and are illegal in many countries. For some reason,
全世界都想知道更多关于这个疯女人的消息 所以她作为“碳妈”出名了
the world wanted more of this crazy woman and she became known as the famous Tan Mom.
• Recently Tan Mom has apparently swapped her tan-bed obsession for a more “healthy”
肉毒杆菌”美容上 第四名—斯蒂芬·珀金斯
Botox obsession. 4 – Stephen Perkins
如果你也曾在喝醉的时候做出了一个关乎一生的决定 至少
• If you’ve ever made a questionable life choice while you’ve been drunk, at least
you didn’t accidentally cost a company $10 million dollars like this guy.
当斯蒂芬·珀金斯对石油发展前景充满期待时 就意味着他将这笔钱打了水漂
• Steve Perkins was completely wasted when he turned up for his shift at Oil Futures.
没有和往常一样工作 帕金斯在醉酒后决定买七百万桶石油
Instead of his normal work, Perkins decided to drunkenly buy 7 million barrels of oil with the company’s money.
This unauthorised transaction was so serious that it increased
世界上每一个国家的石油价格 不必多说 他醉酒后的恶作剧
the cost of oil in every country in the world. • Needless to say, his inebriated shenanigans
使得他被公司开除 并被罚款七万两千英磅
got him fired from the company and fined 72,000 pounds.
3 – Adam Pacitti • A desperate last-ditch attempt to get
一份工作 就是这个家伙成为网络红人的原因
a job was the reason this guy became a total internet sensation.
• Adam Pacitti was unemployed and facing the drastic reality of not being able to find
然而他想到一个有风险但绝妙的主意 他用身上仅有的钱登了一个广告
a job when he had a risky but genius idea. He spent every last dollar he had on a billboard
恳求有人给他一份工作 他的网站—“求职者亚当”获得了超过一千五
pleading for someone to give him a job. His website ‘Employ Adam’ received over 1.5
百万的点击 除此之外有高达100份的雇佣邮件被发给了这个热情的年轻男人
million hits and up to 100 job offers were emailed to the brash young man.
亚当现在在一家极具前景的公司工作 他甚至在广告板上发了第二次广告
• Adam now has a great job at an award-winning company and even posted a second billboard
说谢谢所有提供工作的人 第二名—罗萨里奥·道森
saying thank you for all the job offers. 2 – Rosario Dawson
你可能会因为好莱坞大片知道罗萨里奥 但是你应该会十分吃惊于
• You might know Rosario Dawson from Hollywood blockbusters, but you’d be pretty surprised
知道她是如何被星探发现的 当时道森年仅15岁 她
to learn how she was discovered. • When Dawson was just 15 years old she
正坐在她家的门廊上做些当时年轻人特有的一些活动 这个时候一个编剧
was sitting on her porch, hanging out doing typical teenager things when a screenwriter
在边上路过 认为她简直是他即将开拍的电影的角色的完美人选
walked down the sidewalk and decided she was the perfect part for her upcoming project.
尽管道森之前并没有什么表演经验 但在面试后 最后获得了出演电影《孩子》的机会
Dawson had no prior acting experience but went for the audition and ended landed her
这是他第一次机会 自从那次改变命运的的试镜后 道森
first role in the movie The Kids. • Since that fateful audition, Dawson has
featured in movies such as Men in Black, Sin City and Unstoppable.
第一名—马莲娜·戴蒙蒂 如果你有一个机会能被青睐于音乐
1 – Marina and the Diamonds • If you get a chance to impress a record
制作人 你肯定会为此不顾一切 即使那意味着要假装成雷鬼男孩乐队的一员
producer, you do it: even if it means pretending to be in a reggae boy band.
马莲娜·戴蒙蒂 更多人只知道马莲娜 戴蒙蒂努力奋斗为了出名
• Marina Diamondis, more famously as Marina and the Diamonds was struggling to get her
name out in London when she found out about an opportunity to impress some Virgin Music
record executives. The catch was that she had to pretend to be a reggae voice singer
很显然经理们对于这个乐队不是很有兴趣 但是他们却在一周后联系了马莲娜
in a boy band. Apparently they weren’t too interested in the band but they called Marina
back the following week. • It just goes to show that if you’re
成名欲望足够强烈 你就会竭尽
desperate enough, you can by selling up your
get the world’s attention any way you try.