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十个改变生活的小技巧 – 译学馆
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10 Amazing & Life-Changing Life Hacks!

这里有十条改变生活的妙招 现在就可体验
Here are 10 Life-changing Lifehacks that you can try right now
This little trick makes you can play games on your smart phone
without having to deal with strategically placed ads.
Simply,try switching your phone over to airplane mode.
这就关闭了收音机模式 甚至让你的电池更持久
This will turn off te phone’s radio function and even make your battery last longer
So you get more play time without the incessant distractions.
如果你曾租过车 就会明白把车停到加油站的感受
If you’ve ever rented a car, you know the feeling of pulling in to the gas station,
只是觉察出来已经太晚了 因为你忘记检查加油口在哪边
only to realize too late that you forgot to check which side the fill port was on.
你完全可以避免尴尬 而不必困在其中
Rather than being caught doing the walk of shame, you can avoid the embarrassment altogether
by glancing at the pump icon on your gas gauge.
There’s a little arrow pointing to the side you need to fill up on.
下次租车时记住这个技巧 初试你就将成为加油站英雄
So remember this little trick the next time you borrow a car and you’ll be a gas pump hero on the very first try.
在烧烤季节 如果你想在下次聚会时改变一些事情
It’s the season for grilling and if you want to switch things up at your next party
为什么不放弃打火机油 尝试在木炭里加些薯片
why not skip the lighter fluid, and try starting your charcoal with a handful of potato chips?
它们制造出让人吃惊的易燃物 燃烧时间足够点燃一堆煤
They make a surprisingly flammable tinder and will easily burn long enough to light up a stack of coals.
用这种方法 肉上就不会留有打火机油的味道
And this way, you won’t get that lighter fluid taste in your meat.
啊 猕猴桃 如此奇异美味的水果
Ah, the kiwi fruit. It’s so exotic and so delicious
but how do you peel it without hacking it up and leaving so much fruit on the skins?
The solution is so simple you won’t believe it.
Try using a spoon.
切掉猕猴桃两端 把勺子插进去
Just cut the ends of the kiwi, then push your spoon inside
make it sure the back slide is along the peel.
现在让勺子在里面贴果皮转动 直到完整的果肉出现
Now carefully work the spoon round inside edge, until the entire fruit pops right out.
真是既容易又快速 果皮上几乎没留下什么
It really is that quick and easy, and hardly anything gets left behind.
哦 有人刚丢了智能手机 一旦意识到此事可能会很恐慌
Uh oh. Somebody just lost their smart phone and will probably be in a panic once they realize it.
以防万一 拍下你的邮箱地址
Before this happens to you, take a picture of your email address
or some other contact information written in big letters.
Go ahead and save it as your lock screen photo,
and now if your phone ever does get lost
the first thing anyone will see is exactly how to get it back to you.
Every day we face a torturous moment of truth
当我们打开淋浴器 出来的是一阵讨厌的冰冷的凉水
when we turn on the shower and get blasted by icy cold water.
如果不凉 那就非常热
If it’s not cold, then it’s unbearably hot.
But you can easily fix this daily challenge with a bottle of nail polish or white-out.
The next time you find the sweet spot
把它标出来 用指甲油一点点涂抹在这个位置
mark the trim plate and the handle with a couple of dabs that line up with each other.
Now you got the power to win the epic battle
by hitting the porperty temperature on the very first try.
你的领带总是拧起来不在原地 这很令人尴尬
How Embarrassing. Your tie keeps getting twisted out of place
而每次不停检查拉直它 又很让人烦躁 不是吗
and it’s so frustrating to have to keep checking and straightening it all the time. Isn’ t?
Let’s regard the permanent fix with only an old dress shirt and a pair of scissors.
仔细剪到门襟的这个位置 稍微长于第二个扣眼处
Carefully cut the front strip so you end up with a piece just a bit longer than the two button holes.
下次穿衬衫时 将“领带拯救者”穿过领带的保持圈
Now then next time you dress up, simply slip one of these “tie savers” through the keeper loop on your tie.
Fasten it to the buttons on your shirt
现在你的领带总是直的 看起来很棒
and now your tie will always be straight, look great
and fall back into place even when it gets knocked around in the wind.
打包剩饭菜时 更让人焦躁 保鲜袋总会从盒子里拉出来
The frustration that comes when wrapping up leftovers because the rolls keep pulling up out of the boxes.
Sometimes they seem more trouble than they’re worth
幸运的是 这里有个既快速又容易的解决办法
but luckily, there’s a quick and easy fix.
只要一把刀 在盒子两端的中间戳一个面对面向下的剪头
Just get a knife and cut a downward facing arrow on the ends of the boxes, directly in the center.
向里推这些推片 确保保鲜袋在合适的位置
Now simply push these tabs inward to secure the roll in place
这样每次拉的时候 保鲜袋都能呆在盒子里
and keep it conveniently in the box, every time you pull.
顺便说一句 有的盒子在右边已经有推片了
By the way, some boxes already have little push tabs built right in.
现在开始使用它们 生活将更轻松
So start using them and make your life that much easier.
早上起床时 你会感觉脖子僵硬 头很疼吗
Do you wake up in the morning with a stiff neck and a headache?
It might because your pillow is cranking on your spine all night long.
But rather than spending loads of money on specialty pillows
试着抬点头 卷起枕头的一边压在脖子下面
try lifting your head a bit and tucking the edge of your pillow under your neck.
现在躺下 让这些卷边高于肩膀
Lay back down, with the corners over top of your shoulders
and you’ve just made an ergonomical support for your neck and head
This will help straighten out your spine
你可以立即用任何枕头试一下 会觉得很超值
and instantly make any pillow you’re using, feel like should cost a lot more.
塑料购物袋值得保留 但很快它们就占满了你的抽屉
Plastic grocery bags they worth hanging on to, but they can quilkly take over your drawer space
为了解决这个问题 我们先把塑料袋放平然后对折起来
To eliminate the clutter, simply flatten them out and fold the bags in half lengthwise.
把它们放在一条直线上 后一个放在前一个的底部
Now lay them in a straight line with the handles overlapping the bottoms of the previous bags
then roll the whole thing up
You can add as many bags as you want
and in a couple of minutes, you’ll have an instant bag dispenser that will take up very little space.
如果把它放在某个容器里 任何时候一次都可以发一个
If you put this in some kind of container, it will dispense one bag a time whenever you need it.
这十个改变生活的小技巧 你现在就可以体验了
Well there are 10 life changing lifehacks that you can try right now.
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