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1 Trick to Think Easily in English, Improve Pronunciation, Vocabulary, Fluency

hey what’s up amigos amigos it’s your favorite American English teacher Gabi
嘿 朋友们过得怎么样啊 我是你们最爱的美国英语老师盖比
Here To Help you with Another english Lesson Video right here
现在 用另一个英语课程视频来帮你 就在这里
at go natural English
now you’ve been asking me a lot about how to think in English how to grow your vocabulary in English
由于你们一直有很多人问我怎么用英语思维 怎么增加你们的英语词汇量
and How to perfect your accent in English to be a more Confident fluent english Speaker
和怎么完善你们的英语口音 成为一个更加自信的能流利说英语的人
and I’m here to help you
so we’re Gonna Talk About how to do Those things in A fun way
the way that I did this in Spanish Portuguese and other languages that I’ve been learning
就是我在学西班牙语 葡萄牙语和其他语言用的方式
the number one way that I personally enjoy
and Everyone Is Different Maybe this won’t be for you
但是每个人不一样 也许这个不适合你
but I’m gonna share the number one way that worked for me and give you some examples
但是我将要分享的第一种方式对我有效 我给你们举几个例子
alright so if that sounds good then keep watching when I was learning Spanish
好吧 所以假如觉得不错就继续看 我在学西班牙语的时候
I had a job waiting tables in a restaurant
and I wanted to be able to practice my Spanish while I was working
but there was actually no one to talk to I was waiting tables all by myself
但实际上没人跟我说话 我就一个人在那做服务员
but you know I would have to clean the tables and set the tables and while I was doing that
但你知道我必须擦干净桌子并且铺好它 当我这么做的时候
what I would do to practice Spanish is to sing one of my favourite songs
so I learned several songs that I personally liked
and I would just sing them to myself under my breath as I was cleaning the tables so I’d be like
在我擦桌子的时候轻轻地唱给自己听 就像这样
Besame ketosynthase lobules
#Besame Ketosynthase lobules#
and I forget the rest of the Song but something like
我忘记了这首歌的其他部分 但是类似这样
Otra vez so um yeah you might know that One
#Otra vez# 这样 嗯 是的 你可能知道这首歌
it’s kind of a classic Spanish song on merengue
and I would kind of like dance a little while I was you know setting the tables like
我铺桌子的时候有点想跳舞 就像
Quito Sentir tus labios besandome Otra Vez that’s it okay so
#Quito Sentir tus labios besandome Otra Vez# 就是这样 好了 所以
It Came back to my mind if you know this song you know it’s a really Old Song
它来到我的脑海里 如果你知道这首歌 你就知道这真的是一首老歌
So, don’t blame me if I Didn’t remember the Lyrics Right away
因此 如果我不能马上记得歌词也别责备我
So you can do this too with english and I don’t know your taste in Musical
所以你也可以用这个来学习英语 但是我不知道你们对音乐的喜好
I don’t know if you like dance music if you like country if you like hip-hop pop
whatever you can tell me in the comments actually what kind of music you prefer to listen to
无论是什么音乐 你都可以在评论区告诉我 你真正喜欢听的是哪种音乐
but I can tell you there’s some great songs out There
但是我可以告诉你 那里总会有很棒的音乐
really cross genres and you’d probably enjoy
真的超越流派的 你可能会喜欢的
The Lyrics Are Fairly Clear Although in Some songs
歌词非常清楚 尽管有些歌
it’s really hard to understand the lyrics so I’m gonna recommend some songs now
非常难理解歌词 所以我现在要推荐几首歌
for you to learn in English because it’s not only fun to learn the songs
给你学英语 因为学唱歌不仅仅好玩
because you like the music but you’re going to learn new vocabulary words
因为你喜欢这首歌 但是你将要学新的单词
when You see the lyrics you’re Going to be Naturally Curious if You don’t know A word and
song lyrics are a great way to learn new vocabulary that’s currents
而且歌词对学新单词是一种很好的方式 那是潮流
you’re gonna learn more slang you’re gonna learn
你会学到更多俚语 你会学到
More english the Way that People Really Talk in Everyday life it’s Usually more casual
更多人们日常生活中真的说话的方式 一般更随意
but that’s important if you want to have everyday conversations with people
you know in the streets in a bar or at a party or something
你知道 在街上在酒吧在聚会上或其他地方 那就重要了
Now this Could be A Problem if You’re Taking an English class like
但是 这也可能会是一个问题 假如你在上英语课
when I was taking a Spanish class I was listening to a lot of merengue
就像我上西班牙语课的时候 我总是听很多梅伦格舞曲
and I remember I used a word in one of my papers in Spanish class
that my teacher did not like and she gave me a bad grade on that paper
because she said that the word I use was not appropriate for
a Paper for an Essay so if you’re Dominican you might know this Word
和论文里 如果你是多明尼加共和国的居民你可能知道这个字
Vina so I said in my paper I said something like si Vina no I hear that
“Vina” 因此我在试卷上写的像”si Vina”不 我听到
and I don’t remember even what the essay was about
but my teacher circled it just a vina is not an appropriate word for an essay
但是我的老师圈出这个字 仅仅是”vina”不适合用在文章中
but I love the word because people actually use that word all the time
am i right Dominicans if you’re watching comments tell me I’m right
是吧多米尼加人 假如你在看评论 告诉我我是对的
I need some validation because Vina is such an awesome word I love it
so there’s words like that in English that you should learn that your English teacher might not tell you
所以在英语中也会有这样的单词 你应该知道你的英语老师可能不会告诉你
because he or she might be really obsessed with
proper English which is great if you want to speak proper English you should know how to do that
地道的英语 如果你想说地道的英语这也很好 你应该知道怎么做
however you should also know how to use everyday vocabulary
and how to talk with people and how to understand a common conversation
怎么和别人交流 怎么理解一段日常对话
so song lyrics are also gonna help you a lot with your pronunciation
because there’s a rhythm right
因为那里有节奏 好吧
music takes the rhythm of the words or the words match the rhythm of the music
音乐带动单词的节奏 或者单词对应音乐的节奏
however you want to think about it and you’re gonna learn the stress of words
不管怎样 你要想想 那么你就会学到单词的重音
the stress of phrases the way that we link sounds together
短语的重音 字与字 短语与短语连读的方式
from word to word from phrase to phrase and this is something that your textbook may not be teaching you
so also the tune
the music itself helps us to remember everything together
the vocabulary the pronunciation
everything in that tune is going to help trigger your memory and help you to remember it
because when we connect sounds music to other things that we’re learning it
因为当我们连接音乐和其他东西的时候 我们正在学习
it does help us to remember so learning a song that you love is super helpful
他确实帮助我们记忆 所以学一首你喜欢的歌是非常有用的
i recommend hello by Adele and
anything by the Beatles shape of you by Ed Sheeran
披头士合唱的“任何事” 埃德·施林的“你的形状”
see you again by Wiz Kalifa these are all super popular songs
奇才因的“再次见到你” 这些都是超级受欢迎的歌
that you might enjoy learning the lyrics too
so use music as your tool as a fun way
所以把音乐当作你的工具 当作有趣的方式
to improve your English skills this will help you to think in English
去提高你的英语技能 这能帮助你用英语思维
because as you work or as you do other things
you can sing to yourself you can think the lyrics you can sing out loud
你会唱给自己听 会想这些歌词 会大声唱出来
you can you know sing inside your head or actually sing under your breath or
你会在自己的脑子里唱歌 在你的呼吸里唱歌
just really let it out and sing out loud
就真的让它出来 大声唱出来
you know if no one else is around right or maybe if there are other people around
你知道如果没有别人在你身边 是吧 或者也许有其他人在身边
hey maybe if you’re really good this will be a great way to earn money too
如果你真的唱得很好 这也会成为一种很棒的赚钱的方式
you can put out the tip jar and you can just go with it and see what happens okay
你可以拿出小费罐 或者随它去 看看会发生什么
anyway this will also help you to improve your vocabulary as you look up new words from the lyrics
总之在你查这些歌词中的生词的时候 这也帮你增加了你的词汇量
go Online Just Type in Lyrics and the Song that you want to learn and
there’s lyrics for every song out there and
also this will help your pronunciation as I mentioned listen carefully
这也会对你的发音有帮助 正如我提到的仔细听
to the way that the singer is saying the words singing the words
and emulate that even if you don’t sing if you just say the words with the same cadence
即使你不唱也要模仿 如果你用同样的节奏同样的韵律说这些单词
same rhythm you’re going to improve your speaking skills
so if you liked this Video then please leave A comment With your
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favorite song in English so that we can all share recommendations and if you have any questions
这样我们就能分享建议 如果你有任何问题
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thanks so much mwah have an awesome day and I’ll see you soon in another lesson bye
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