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08 common Interview question and answers - Job Interview Skills

08 common job interview question and answers
你好 我的名字是Niharika 当你求职以及面试时
Hello my name is Niharika. When you apply for a job and your’e called for an interview,
不同的问题将会被提及 你准备的越充分
there are various questions that are asked and the better prepared you are
你的面试就会越成功 你应该看了许多不同的网络视频吧
the more successful your interview would be. Well, you might have come across various videos
online that talk about the most common interview questions and answers.
而这个视频会有些许不同 因为它不仅限于即将谈到的问题和答案
This video would be a little different, because it’s not just about the questions and answers we are gonna talk
I’m also gonna explain that what exactly the interviewer thinks, when he’s asking certain questions
他到底想要什么答案 以及你通常会犯什么样的错误
What exact answers he’s looking at and what are the common mistakes that you usually do.
01 tell me about yourself
第一个面试官提出的最常见的问题就是 向我介绍一下你自己
The first most common question that is asked by the interviewer is, So tell me something about yourself
他或她也可能让你向他介绍一下你的简历 此时此刻
or he or she might also ask, that run me through your CV? Now here the
面试官并不是真的对你的答案感兴趣 他们要看的是你回答问题时的自信
interviewer is not really interested in your answer. What they are looking at is your confidence,
热忱和激情 所以这是你展示沟通能力的最佳时间
your enthusiasm and the passion that you answer with. So it’s the best time that you show off your communication skills.
Now usually I have observed that many people end up saying,
呃 我爱看电影 我想我喜欢聚会 我有如此多的朋友
Ahh I love watching movies, I think I love partying. I have so many friends,
所以我真的很享受聚会 不 那不是回答这个问题的正确方式
so I really enjoy partying. No that’s not the right way that you answer to this question.
你需要叙述的是你的教育 你成长的地方或者你可以谈谈
what you need to talk about is your education, where you grew up or you can also talk about your
你的工作经验 如果你有的话 自己你的个人爱好 例如
past work experience, if you have any and your personal interests. For example, you
你可以说 呃 我成长于法国 我的专业是会计
can say, Ahh well I grew up in France and I studied accounting.
并且我在一家会计公司工作了八个月 我真的非常喜欢数字
I also worked for an accounting firm for about eight months and I really enjoy numbers,
也许这才是原因 我乐于去解决他们 解决他们实在太有趣了
so maybe that’s exactly the reason, I love to solve them. Solving them is so much fun
在我的业余时间 我喜欢阅读 也会在天气允许的时候出门慢跑
and in my spare time,I really like reading and also go out jogging only if the weather allows me too.
所以 这才是你回答这个问题的正确方式
So that’s the way you would answer to this question.
02 what are your strength
第二个最受面试官欢迎的问题是 你的优势是什么
The second most popular question that is asked by an interviewer is , What are your strengths?
Now here the interviewer is looking at how positive, you think about yourself.
这是一个非常普遍的问题 答案没有正确或错误之说
It’s quite a general question, there’s no right or a wrong answer to it,
但是如果你给出一系列回答 例如 我是一个非常友善的人
but if you give out one liners such as, Oh I’m a very friendly person,
我喜欢和人们相处 人们也乐于和我共处
I love being with people and people love being with me.
这听起来并不适合用于面试 不是吗
That just doesn’t sound great for an interview. Isn’t it?
所以你能说的是 我最大的特点就是关注细节
So what you can say is, My strongest trait is attention to detail.
I totally believe in planning and execution.
事实上 甚至当我在大学时 我曾经真的为我的每个星期做规划
In fact even when I was in college, I used to really organize my week and many people,
由于我外向的性格 许多人都觉得我特别亲切
because of my very outgoing nature. Many people have said that I am quite approachable, so
I believe these are my strengths.
03what are your weaknesses
第三个被提到的最常见的问题是 你的弱势是什么
The third most common question that is asked is, So what are your weaknesses? Here for
对于这个问题而言 你不需要真的对自己特别消极 曾听人们说
this question, you need not be really negative about your self. I have heard people saying,
我是一个非常没有耐心的人 或者我十分易怒
well I am a very impatient person or people also say, That I get angry easy.
这不是正确答案 也许那是你的弱点 但你不必说出来
Well, that’s not the right answer. Maybe that is your weakness, but you need not bring it out.
最好的答案是 因为面试官想要知道的是你是否能够正视你的缺陷
The best answer to this, because what the interviewer is looking at is whether you can identify your weakness
自己你会如何弥补不足 所以 举个例子 你可以这样回答这个问题
and how you can cover it up. So one of the examples, that you can use to answer this question is
我认为我的弱点是太过于注重细节 我希望完成所有事情
I think my weakness is that I am way too detail oriented. I try to accomplish everything
并且使所有事都达到完美 但我逐渐认识到我正在浪费时间
and I just want everything to be perfect, but then I realize that I’m losing out on time,
so maybe that makes me submitting these projects pretty late.
所以我认为那是我的弱点之一 因而基本上
So I think that is one of the weaknesses. So here basically,
what you are doing is, you are displaying that maybe, you run out of time,
但是你也展示了一个正面 即你是一个完美主义者
but your’e also giving a very positive aspect to it that,you are a perfectionists.
And that’ s exactly what we saw as a strength in the previous question too.
So I think this is one of the best ways that you can answer to this question.
04where do you see yourself in five years
下一个所提的常见问题是 你对自己未来五年的规划如何
The next common question that is asked is, Where do you see yourself in five years from
或者面试官可能这样问 你的长期或者你的短期目标是什么
now or the interviewer might also ask that, What are your long term or your short term goals?
Now here, Iv’e seen people really struggle to answer this question.
或许 因为你真的不知道 你想要成为什么样
Well, maybe, because you yourself have no idea, where you would like to be,
所以通常人们会这样回答 哦 我想成为贵公司的首席执行官
so usually people end up saying, Oh I would like to be the CEO of this company
或者我想拥有一条航线 那听起来不合适
or I would like to own an airline. That doesn’t sound right,
所以 这个问题较好的答案应该是
so what a good answer to this question would be,
because here the interviewer is looking at, how committed you are gonna be to this company?
非常清楚明确的贡献 毕竟现在跳槽率很高
A very clear path with commitment, because you know what’s the attrition rate these days.
So he wants to know, how long would you stick to the company?
So one of the best answers that you can give, would be,
从今天起的五年里 我希望我能坐上管理阶层的位置
Well, five years from now, I think I would like to be in a management position.
在那之前我会努力积累充分的实践经验 以成为一名管理人员 当然
Till then I would like to gain a practical experience and then eventually become a manager. Of course,
I would like to share and also learn a lot of new things from my team members.
05 what do you know about our company
下一个提及的最受欢迎的问题是 告诉我一些关于我们公司的事情
The next most popular question that is asked is, So tell me something about our company
or what do you know about our company?
Now here the interviewer of course has knowledge about his own company, Right?
那是他工作的地方 但他想要了解的是你是否足够严肃对待这份工作
That he’s working for, but what he is looking at is whether you are serious about this job or not?
Whether you have just come for one of those random interviews?
由于缺乏对公司的调查 许多人通常都面试失败
So many people are usually let down, because of the lack of research about the company,
所以你需要做的就是调查 上网学习该公司的正面属性
so what you need to do is research. Go online learn about the positive attributes about the company.
了解他们的产品 历史等等
Learn about their products, their history and etc.
So one of the best ways that you can answer to this question is,
Oh well your company is very well known for the customer service
and you also won an award for the best service provider in the country.
当然 贵公司拥有很棒的客户群
And of course, you also have a great clientele,
so that’s one of the best ways that you can answer this question.
06 how well do you handle change
第六个最常见的问题是 你会如何处理状况的变化
Sixth most common question that is asked is, How well do you handle a change? Well, the
philosophy behind this question is to know, would you be able to cope up with a change?
Because usually companies definitely come up with different strategies,
员工来往变化不定 你能否处理好这个问题
employees come and go, so would you be able to handle that?
人们通常这样回答 当然 我很善于适应变化的情况
People usually end up saying, Oh of course, I am great at handling a change.
相信我 面试官不会对你的回答印象深刻的
Well, trust me the interviewer would not be impressed with this answer.
你可以举个例子来回答这个问题 如
How you can answer to this question with an example, would be. Well,
当然我能够适应这种变化 因为在我之前的公司 我们的一个领导
of course I can handle a change, because in my previous company, one of our bosses,
就是我的一个直接上级辞职了 来了一个新的上级领导
one of our immediate bosses had to quit and there was this new boss,
who came in and he had completely changed our strategy of a project.
因此 我是一个非常灵活并且努力的人
So of course, I’m very flexible and hardworking too,
所以只要我们团结一致去克服 结果一定会非常棒
so we managed it with our team efforts and definitely the results were pretty good.
So this is the way that you could answer to this question.
07 do you work well under pressure
下一个常见的问题是 你能否在压力下工作
The next common question that is asked is, How well do you work under pressure? Now the
reason behind this question is the employer or the interviewer wants to know
你在压力之下是否会变得紧张 和恐慌
that do you get really stressed out? Do you get really panicked under pressure?
Because these days companies, of course expect you to take more and more responsibility
以及更大的工作量 所以回答该问题的最佳方式是
and of course a greater work load. So the best way to answer this question is,
well definitely working under pressure or without pressure works just the same for me.
事实上 在我曾经工作过的一家公司里
In fact in one of the companies that I was working,
there was a project that was given to us, which had to be completed in four days.
以往这种项目往往需要十天 整个团队都感到压力十足
Which usually takes ten days and the whole team is like so stressed out,
他们惊慌 他们不知道该如何做 但是我劝告大家冷静下来
they panicked and they just didn’t know what to do, but then I insured that they settled down .
我们优先安排紧急的工作 井然有序 最终完成了项目工程
We prioritized our work and in fact in a very organized manner, we completed the project.
当然我们每天工作到很晚 但是我们的确在四天内按时提交了项目
Of course we also worked late nights, but that definitely helped to submit our project in four days.
So I think working under pressure is not too bad for me.
So this is one of the best ways that you can answer to this question.
08 how do you make important decisions
The last common question that is asked is, How do you handle important decisions? Now
the reason behind this question is usually,
If someone or the interviewer is hiring the person
or hiring you for a management position or for a lead position.
He wants to know that someday when you have to handle a very important, a very critical decision.
你会怎么做 许多人这样回答
How would you do that? So many people end up saying,
你知道我没有真的遇到过这样的问题 没有处理过这么困难的状况
You know what I really haven’t come across, I really haven’t dealt with such difficult situations.
That’s not the right answer you would say,
我能告诉你的最佳答案之一是 你可以这么说
One of the best answers that I can help you with is, You can say,
Handling decisions is definitely considered to be a little difficult,
但由于我丰富的经验 我相信我能做到
but I am sure I can do it, because my experience.
我会以我丰富的经验 权衡利弊
I would rely on my experience, I would also weigh on the pros and cons.
当然 我也会听取团队成员的意见
Of course, I would also take some advice from my team members
and I’m sure that would help me to come on a decision.
We will also look at the consequences of the decision.
显然这样我就能继续前行 从而做出决定
So definitely I can go ahead and make decisions.
好了 本节课就到此为止了
So that brings me to the end of this lesson.
I hope all of these questions and answers are helpful for your interview.
如果你要进行一场面试 祝你一切顺利
And if you are going for an interview. Wish you all the very best.
祝好 我们会在下一节课里再见
Do well and I will see you soon in the next lesson.
保重 谢谢
Take care. Thank you.